Your Libido Explained
What Brings Your Sex Drive Down?
Testosterone, a Long-Term Birth Control, and Low Sex Drive Connection
Are There Any Other Sources of Libido-Sapping Hormones out There?
So, How to Increase Female Libido Quickly?
Strengthening One’s Emotional Connection Is One of the Best Natural Ways to Increase Female Libido
Get to Know Your Partner (In Depth)
Science Advises Keeping Matters Fresh and Different
Load Yourself with That Caffeine, Girl!
Give a Shot to Natural Sex Boosters

Indeed , sex is quite an essential ingredient of being a perfect and professional human being.

Each and one of you deserves to have a satisfying sex life.

However, what happens when one loses his interest in sex?

Over and above to losing this significant and integral part of one’s life that he or she once used to experience and enjoy, his or her relationship could suffer.

Generally speaking, libido is a term that stands for your sex drive.

Libido determines how often one does think about having a sexual affair and physical intimacy during any given day.

Considering the fact that a sexual affair itself carries physical, emotional, and biological elements in it, there are many matters that are known to influence one’s libido both positively and negatively.

Thus, what can one do in order to help boost his or her low sex drive?

Well, it was my job to find out what matters tend to spark one’s interest and engagement in sex.

So, keep scanning through this article of mine to find the best ways to boost your low libido substantially.

Your Libido Explained

Your Libido Explained

As I have previously stated, one’s libido typifies one’s sex drive — how often does one think about having a naughty sexy time day-in and day-out.

Assuredly, one’s sex drive tends to change day by day, minute to minute, even moment to moment.

Inconstancies in libido principally depend on what an individual is doing. Perchance, sex is quite far from your mind when one is swinging by his nana’s (as it should be unless you are a weirdo) or giving an important presentation at work, but if you are lounging on vacay with your fair one, then the naked time ought to pop into your head a lot more frequently (oftentimes, actually!)

Therefore, when one is speculating on how strong his sex drive is, it is a common sense of how much this individual wants to have his pants-off dance-off over his average week or a few — it is not necessarily important how much did one think about this naughty matter this morning.

What Brings Your Sex Drive Down?

What Brings Your Sex Drive Down?

Considering the fact that a sexual affair carries physical, emotional, and biological elements in it, there are a bunch of matters that are known to affect one’s sexual desire.

Hence, I decided to put together a list of some of the primary reasons why one may have little to no interest in having a sexual affair these days.

Testosterone, a Long-Term Birth Control, and Low Sex Drive Connection

Testosterone Low Sex Drive Connection

The vast majority of you most likely think of testosterone as it is solely the male hormone; however, that is not entirely true.

Women also have testosterone.

Even though the amount of testosterone our beautiful females have in their “possession” is simply not enough to germinate a mustache or pop Adam’s apple, one needs to have just enough to keep her mojo whispering and buzzing.

Now, various birth control pills and other hormonal contraceptives (such as barriers, for instance) contain an immense amount of synthetic estrogen.

When one’s body recognizes that all this fake estrogen-like material is pumping through one’s system, an individual’s liver responds by transmitting a wave of SHBG (1), which is an abbreviation standing for sex hormone binding globulin, which in its turn is a protein that catches excess sex hormones so that they do not wreak havoc on one’s body.

This sex hormone binding globulin does not know that it responds accurately to estrogen (2).

Once SHBG is released, it indiscriminately catches all the estrogen, testosterone, and dihydrotestosterone that it can hang onto.

Even though one will still have some hormones left, but the levels will fall considerably (except estrogen, forasmuch as daily hormonal protection produces a fresh wave of estrogen day-in and day-out.)

Generally speaking, one’s SHBG levels tend to drop back down right after one quits the pill or another hormonal contraceptive; however, many studies have shown that even a period of half a year of use is quite enough to keep one’s levels elevated long after one has stopped.

Moreover, there was one study conducted that has shown high levels over six months after stopping.

From here, if one has too much of that SHBG consuming that little bit of testosterone that an average female needs to keep her libido in a healthy range, then she will end up having minimal interest in sex.

From here, we can come up to a logical conclusion that the longer one is off of hormonal birth control’s cycle, the more likely this individual’s body is going to approach normal hormone functioning.

The point is that when one is coming off of birth control’s cycle, this particular individual wants to keep her liver happy by keeping her toxic load low; therefore, it is an excellent time to clean up both one’s diet and one’s environment.

Are There Any Other Sources of Libido-Sapping Hormones out There?

Other Sources of Libido-Sapping Hormones

Yes, there are.

An average female is exposed to hormones from many external sources day-in and day-out.

For instance, the hormones that farmers tend to administer to their animals are known to make their sneaky way into your dairy, meat, and water supply, which trips the production of sex hormone binding globulin the same way the pill does.

Also, one can find endocrine disruptors and estrogen-mimicking chemicals in plastics, various cleaning supplies, and personal care products that one uses daily, which in their turn build up in one’s system over time and have a similar dampening effect on one’s libido.

So, How to Increase Female Libido Quickly?

Say Yes!

As controversial as it might sound, one might not desire sex because she is merely not having enough of this precious activity.

Sometimes, this might mean that the best cure, in this case, would be to have sex when you do not necessarily feel like having it.

When it comes to females, the overall time they need to achieve sexual arousal is a little less when compared to men.

This happens forasmuch as women usually need to be touched and stimulated before they begin feeling any desire.

However, this does not mean that this is the same thing as having sex when one genuinely does not want to.

In case if one is tired after an exhausting workday or if one is merely sick, if one is feeling detached from her partner — all of these matters  I have just listed above have nothing in common with one not wanting to have a sexual affair just due to not merely feeling it.

Hence, if one is not awake, content, and not in the mood, then the best choice for this individual would be to consider to try to initiate the sex in order to make arousal easier next time.

Scientifically speaking, when one is having sex, it does turn the testosterone system on, which in its turn makes one want to have more sex in general.

Hence, the more sex one has in his or her life, the more active one will want to have it down the road.

Instead of being stubborn and playing hard to get, warm your engines up and then see how different you would feel after doing so.

As a result, you will feel that your desire has increased significantly, thereby making it much easier for you to feel arousal.

Strengthening One’s Emotional Connection Is One of the Best Natural Ways to Increase Female Libido

Natural Ways to Increase Female Libido

Generally speaking, sex itself is the platform that connects the physical and emotional well-being of an individual.

From here, a reliable and loving foundation keeps you hot for your partner and vice versa.

However, when it comes to long-term relationships, one has to be intentional about it.

Here, I put together some ideas that I would strongly advise you to keep in mind.

Get to Know Your Partner (In Depth)

Unfortunately, life tends to get in the way, and your daily routine list gets much higher priority over promoting a good connection with your fair one. In this particular event, try to counter your feelings of disconnectedness, spend some time every night by having a conversation (a real conversation!) concerning your feelings and various ideas, not regarding what errands and chores need to be done around the house.

Do you remember how interested and curious you were when you were just beginning to date each other?

Of course, you do!

So, get to know your partner on that level again!

Do you need help getting started with this all?

Well, on your very next date night, download the Gottman Card Decks (3) application on your mobile device and then take turns questioning one another on different matters.

Sounds silly?


But this actually works.

Science Advises Keeping Matters Fresh and Different

Science Advises Keeping Matters Fresh and Different

Admittedly, routine itself has its place as one needs it in order to achieve his day-to-day efficiency.

However, there are still some certain matters out there that benefit from mixing them up on the usual.

Well, staying connected with your fair one is one of those matters.

Generally speaking, new experiences are known to help one’s hypothalamus (4) (a small region of the brain that is located at the base of the brain, near the pituitary gland) pump out the brain chemical dopamine (an organic chemical of the catecholamine and phenethylamine families that plays several essential roles in the brain and body,) in anticipation of an impressive outcome.

You might have heard that dopamine itself is the reward chemical, but it is this brain chemical that is involved in making you achieve that reward.

Because of dopamine’s dominant role in seeking behaviors, this chemical has a significant effect on one’s sex drive.

From here, the more dopamine surges around sex and one’s companion, the more one tends to go after him or her.

So, how does one get a nice dopamine rush when she needs it?

Here are a few things you should try with your partner.

Whenever you travel to a new place or attempt a new activity with your significant other, a blast of dopamine signals to your brain that this was a motivationally meaningful event.

Suddenly, what is known as an adaptive memory is created with the motivation in order to repeat that same scenario.

As a consequence, the more adaptive memories that include both you and your partner, the more you will want each other.

It is important to note that new experiences do not necessarily have to be extravagant, unusual vacations.

Also, these experiences do not have to be lovey-dovey romance-centered date nights either.

While you should undoubtedly throw some vacations and date nights into the rotation, you are more likely to consistently examine with your partner new, more accessible experiences, such as:

  1. Try a different hiking trail;
  2. Explore a brand-new coffee-shop;
  3. Get a pamphlet for tourism and hit a few spots that you have never seen before (in your own town);
  4. Take an art class together and creating something new ;
  5. Sample a portion of food that you have never tried from a new restaurant;
  6. Always do something outside your comfort zone or something that gives you a fright but does not carry any real danger.

Load Yourself with That Caffeine, Girl!

Indeed, coffee is known to wake you up and provide you with energy so that you can survive during the day; however, have you known that it can also increase your sex drive?

“What does this magical substance do?” You might ask me.

Well, according to investigators at Southwestern University, caffeine causes one to want to get it on (also, it provides you with a better experience once you actually do get it on.)

So grab a pint or two early in the morning, then hit your partner by the text, thereby letting him know that you want him to come back home from work early.

Give a Shot to Natural Sex Boosters

There are some potent dietary supplements on the market that can teach you how to have good sex, literally.

One of these beneficial supplements is titled FemeTonus.

This product is known to increase your overall sensations by enhancing the natural production of your vaginal lubricants for you to have a much spicier sex life.

You will feel as everything flows like a river.

As a consequence, you will start experiencing much better stimulation of your arousal and the overall improvement of your sexual desire.

Once one starts taking FemeTonus, she begins promoting high-quality orgasms on a regular basis by improving sensation capacities of her genitals.

In other words, this dietary supplement is a natural libido booster that is known to enhance female sex drive.

In case if you want to read more about this product, feel free to check this article written 

All in all, ladies, your libido is always capable of improvement.

It is never too late to turn yourself on.

I genuinely hope that by implementing the information I have provided you with you will make the difference of significance in your and your partner’s lives.

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