Forewarned Is Forearmed
It Ought to Be Natural for You to Give More Preference to Natural Products
If You like Sushi, Then I Have Some Good News for You
Fo-Ti Root Powder
Natural Astaxanthin Complex
Gotu Kola Extract

Since the depth of unrecorded times, it is imprinted in us, as it was imprinted in our ancestors’ nature and nurture that an alpha male tends to choose his opposite-sex partner by taking into account all of the physical parameters of the latter one.

The same goes for the weak and gorgeous half of prehistoric humankind.

A female is more likely to choose a partner who has healthy skin, fine hair and nails, and vice versa.

The principal reason for such a careful selection lies in the fact that when an individual chooses another character for the purpose of mating, which in its turn is the most robust and basic instinct we both acquired initially and developed subsequently along with the instincts of fear, anger, shyness, curiosity, affection, sexual love, jealousy, and envy.

Meanwhile, even though modern humans have more things to worry about when compared to their ancient predecessors, the necessity of having a healthy skin has not vanished for even one instant.

That is where the BeautyTonus (1) product is going to come in handy and is recommended for everybody.

BeautyTonus is an incredibly beneficial supplement, which supports one’s hydration levels, nourishes one’s skin, strengthens hair and nails as well as reduces the overall damage of one’s skin, hair, and nails.


Forewarned Is Forearmed


Forewarned Is Forearmed

The main reason for the human’s need for such dietary supplements lies in the fact that nowadays humans are particularly vulnerable to all sorts of toxins that are a product of the life of a modern human.

There is no reason to be angry or upset about it as it just seems that that is the way the things have to be in order for us to keep evolving.

In our days, a modern human fights more stress and is prone to an immense amount of toxins than ever before.

Also, as beneficial as it is, the Sun’s sunbeams tend to expose both our skin and hair to increased dehydration in the long term.

Such a negative occurrence, in its turn, results not only in deprival of the fluids but leads to the deficiency in nutrients and vitamins as well.

On the other hand, there is external stress operates, which is another main adversary which stands in our way to perfection.

The following factors can cause external stress to occur: hard-working routine, consumption of alcohol, and excessive usage of nicotine.

Such factors translate into the decrease of one’s energy levels and ruining of one’s natural shield of our skin and hair (keratinous membrane (2)).


It Ought to Be Natural for You to Give More Preference to Natural Products


Natural Products BeautyTonus

The primary factor which differs BeautyTonus from all the other manufacturers who produce various dietary supplements is that the company have added the most effective ingredients in the structure of their product.  

The core concept and vision of BeautyTonus lies in a fact that they only use natural components in their dietary supplement.

All in all, this product consists of twenty-nine natural ingredients, which are not only necessary for our body in order for it to maintain a healthy condition of its skin, hair, and nails, but also these components are quite vital for overall health in general.

The gamut runs from simple components, such as citrus bioflavonoid, biotin, and calcium to more complex ones as alpha lipoic acid (3), hyaluronic acid (4), l-methionine (5), and so forth.

The founders of BeautyTonus believe in quality.

While other companies spend fewer resources in order to produce a dietary supplement, which primarily contains chemicals in it, it takes more from BeautyTonus to produce their natural product, but in the latter event, the loyal customers receive a high-end quality product in their possession.  

As I did my research on this matter, I decided to compose a list of the essential ingredients BeautyTonus’ supplement has than the others do not in order for you to get the comprehensive understanding on the matter.


If You like Sushi, Then I Have Some Good News for You


Then I Have Some Good News for You

One of the key ingredients in our supplement is yaki-nori (6).

Yaki-nori is mostly known as a species of algae, which is particularly abundant in iodine.

This ingredient is primarily favorite in Japanese cuisine.

Also, in addition to its abundance of iodine, yaki-nori additionally includes the both EPA (7) and DHA acids (8), which in their turn tend to reduce cholesterol levels and repress inflammation.

In combination with its high beta-carotene content, yaki-nori contributes to the radiant, young, and elastic skin.


Fo-Ti Root Powder


Indeed, it seems like Asians got the best stuff when it comes to medicine and proper diet.

Fo-Ti is another plant, which is used for quite a long period of time in Asian traditional medicine.

This natural component tends to improve one’s blood circulation, lessens LDL cholesterol level and triglycerides, fights against the development and of cancer cells, relieves insomnia, and promotes kidney’s and liver’s health.

Due to its beneficial effects on one’s blood circulation, Fo-Ti promotes the transportation of nutrients into the cells of one’s skin.


Natural Astaxanthin Complex


Natural Astaxanthin Complex

Astaxanthin is quite an adequate component, which stimulates the improvement of one’s overall health because of the amount of the carotenoids it contains in its structure.

Again, it is all about the seafood and its beneficial effect on one’s body for astaxanthin is an essential pink dye in various aquatic animals such as salmon, shrimp, lobster, and crayfish.

It is worthy to note that this component is essential for the survival of the animals I have just listed above.

Additionally, astaxanthin is one of the most effective antioxidants nature has ever created.

All in all, astaxanthin shields our skin against a significant number of damaging environmental influences.




Now, instead of discussing Asian culture we are going to talk about science.

Most commonly, methylsulfonylmethane is obtained from sulfur and is also found in several types of fresh fruits and veggies.

OptiMSM is a straightforward natural remedy that is used in order to maintain healthy bones and flexible joints.

Also, this component is usually used to regenerate one’s skin, which in its turn improves the skin’s appearance dramatically.

Methylsulfonylmethane is used as OptiMSM forasmuch as it positively affects the regeneration processes of one’s skin.


Gotu Kola Extract


Gotu Kola Extract

Well, we are back to Asia.

Gotu kola is a herb that is traditionally used in China, Indonesia, and India and has been used in conventional medicine in order to treat such diseases as eczema, psoriasis, ulcers, hepatitis, epilepsy, fever, asthma, syphilis, respiratory infections, and leprosy.

“The fountain of life,” that is what Gotu kola is called In Asia for this herb has an anti-inflammatory effect and slows down the sudden aging of the skin.

On the whole, I would strongly recommend to all of my readers to use only those supplements, which contain only natural ingredients in their structure.

By doing so, a patient is more likely to benefit from using the supplement without any hazardous side effects.

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