Although there are many health troubles that affect women specifically, two of these disorders stand out because males cannot experience them by nature.

These are Rett syndrome and cervical cancer.

Even though different other problems are peculiar for both men and women, the above-mentioned disorders affect women in particular.

In fact, the recent medical study has found out that there are many differences in how the body systems of males and females work.

Men’s and women’s health is based on the differences in their genotype.

In this respect, Rett syndrome and cervical cancer represent two disorders that affect only women.

Here are a few facts about these disorders:

  • Rett syndrome is a specific postnatal neurological problem that is first diagnosed in infancy.Boys suffer from this disorder only in rare cases.

    At the same time, Rett syndrome is often misdiagnosed as developmental delay or autism.

    It is majorly caused by certain genetic mutations and can strike girls of any race or ethnic group;

  • Cervical cancer is the kind of disorder that affects female reproductive function.It occurs as a result of human papillomavirus (HPV) that provokes changes in the DNA structure of the cervix.

    The symptoms of this disorder include uncommon bleeding between menstruation periods, bleeding after sexual intercourse and bleeding after menopause.

    Such unusual manifestations may be the sign of cervical cancer.

Men’s and women’s health is based on the differences in their genotype.

The findings of certain diseases that affect only females and do not strike males have demonstrated great differences in the elementary biochemistry of men and women.

The differences may be revealed in hormonal changes and other individual manifestations that are common for either men or women.

Besides, genetics also plays a great role in the expression of certain diseases among the representatives of just one of the genders.

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