Round I: Rebel Wilson’s Weight Loss Journey
Rebel Wilson’s Weight Loss: Self-Awareness Is the Key
Rebel Wilson’s Weight Loss: Health Aspect of It
Rebel Wilson’s Weight Loss: How Did the Girl Do It?
MyPlate Determined What Was on Willson’s Plate
Round II: Melissa McCarthy’s Weight Loss Journey
Melissa McCarthy’s Weight Loss Journey: Childhood
Melissa McCarthy’s Weight Loss Journey: Dieting
Melissa McCarthy’s Weight Loss Journey: Most Recent Weight Loss
Melissa McCarthy’s Weight Loss Journey: Parts
Melissa McCarthy’s Weight Loss Journey: Sexist Standards
Melissa McCarthy’s Weight Loss Journey: A Perfect Body Image
What Does Melissa McCarthy Eat?
Consume Healthy Fats
Round III: Rebel Wilson Vs. Melissa McCarthy Celebrity Weight Loss Battle: Who Won?
What About Supplementation?

How Did They Do It?

You all know both of these body-positive actresses; however, what the overwhelming majority of you do not know is some specific facts concerning how both Rebel and Melissa went through the weight loss journey of theirs (and succeeded, at that).

For this particular reason, I made a decision to do in-depth research by means of gathering legit and trustworthy information on how both of these actresses lost their weight over the course of a relatively short period of time.

Round I: Rebel Wilson’s Weight Loss Journey

Round I: Rebel Wilson's Weight Loss Journey
In the event, if you have ever heard about the Rebel Wilson’s (1) weight loss stories in the news, then you most likely recognize the incredibly popular body-positive Rebel Wilson from her hilarious part in the film titled “Bridesmaids.” (2)

Rebel Wilson immediately gained her popularity (and not just that) with her part as the charismatic Brynn starring beside Kristen Wiig (3) in the hit comedy from the year 2010.

Other than that, Mrs. Wilson Going had her significant parts in other movies like “Isn’t It Romantic,” “Night at the Museum,” (4) and “Bridesmaids,” Wilson has quickly gained her fame in the United States of America as well as in her home country of Australia.

This would be an understatement to state that Rebel Wilson’s weight loss progress has astounded every one of her fans.

Wilson has formerly been well known for her size as well as her character in general.

Rebel Wilson has previously been quoted declaring that her weight is part of what made her successful forasmuch as it was unique and different from what the overwhelming majority of us expect to gaze upon on the screen of their TV.

However, quite recently, all of that has dramatically changed.

Wilson has realized that she does not necessarily need her size to stay the same way in order for her to succeed in the movie industry.

Rebel Wilson’s weight loss routine was so damn efficient that even the loyal fans of hers began questioning whether it is really her they see on the screen.

Yes, indeed, it is the brand new Rebel Wilson, and she is here so that she can show off her weight loss transformation to the whole world.

Now, I am going to inform you about her secrets to success.

This is how Rebel Wilson succeeded with such an achievement.

Rebel Wilson’s Weight Loss: Self-Awareness Is the Key

Rebel Wilson's Weight Loss: Self-Awareness Is the Key

In a word, thirty-seven-year-old Rebel Wilson is no stranger to curves.

These are the words she said when she signed with her agency for the very first time in the year 2009—”Being different and distinctive is a perfect thing.”

Rebel also stated this—”Personally, I would not ever want to struggle to compete with what I call ‘the glamours—the really gorgeous people.

I am all about the brain, the heart, and what is on the inside. I feel quite fortunate to be the body type I am.”

Even though Mrs. Wilson is pretty damn proud of her “freakish” figure in a sea of flat movie stars, she is also quite aware of just how much food has affected her weight dramatically, primarily through what she calls “emotional overeating.”

In her interview with Cosmopolitan in the year 2015, Rebel Wilson notes how food has been both a reward and comfort to her.—” I am fond of consuming some ice cream or dessert, and it comes at times when I am either joyful or miserable and depressed.

From here, when I have an incredibly successful day, I desire to honor and compensate myself with food.

In a quite similar manner, in case if I have had a troubled or stressful day, food is also comfort.”
Most of you all would probably describe it as emotional or stress-eating.

Meanwhile, Wilson acknowledges that while she does not do drugs or drink, consuming lots of food is her “one vice” that she Rebel Willson never want to give up altogether.

Notwithstanding, ever since Rebel Wilson moved to Los Angeles, California, she has become more conscious of the part that food plays in keeping her both healthy and in good physical shape.

Quite recently, Mrs. Wilson has been wowing her fans everywhere around the globe with an astounding transformation of hers.

Rebel Wilson’s Weight Loss: Health Aspect of It

Rebel Wilson's Weight Loss: Health Aspect of It

Even though Rebel has not disclosed a specific number, it is majorly speculated that Mrs. Wilson lost anywhere from thirty to forty pounds in the year 2016, the year Rebel Wilson’s weight loss journey officially began.

At first glance, for some of you, it may seem as the Rebel Wilson’s weight loss progress effortless; however, in this case, this is not the case.

Wilson reported to the public in the year 2016 that she has a hormonal imbalance that, in its turn, makes her more susceptible to weight gain in the first place.

This, in its turn, has made it even more challenging for Wilson to tackle her weight loss than for a healthy individual.

Rebel Wilson previously explained how important it actually is to find a balance between an individual’s body, confidence, and health.

Here is what she said on this matter—”For me, it is just about being comfortable in my own skin.

One never wants to be like too unhealthy for that is very, very bad, to say the least.

However, one just has to be comfortable with who he actually is—the size of an individual does not matter like at all.

In a word, Rebel Wilson’s weight loss has inspired women all around the world to own both their curves and their health.

Being confident with one’s body at any given size has been an essentially vital tool for Rebel Wilson to be successful in her career.

In other words, losing weight has made Rebel Wilson not only a more successful actress but also a healthier individual who became a much more versatile professional, thereby making it possible for her to be able to take on more projects!

Rebel Wilson’s Weight Loss: How Did the Girl Do It?

Rebel Wilson's Weight Loss: How Did the Girl Do It?

As I have previously stated before, Mrs. Wilson began her weight-loss journey in the spring of the year 2016 at “The Ranch” (5) (which is an “award-winning luxury, fitness, and wellness retreat that is based in Malibu, state of California).

Rebel Wilson lost a total number of eight pounds after four days of hiking, exercising, receiving the message, and consuming organic and vegetarian products.

Now, the good news is that one does not necessarily have to be able to afford a luxury get-away or exercise for eight hours per single day like Rebel did at “The Ranch” movie in order to drop a few pounds.

As Rebel returned home, she began making more sustainable lifestyle changes that one can quickly adapt as well, to say the least.

Below, I provided you all with a quick summary of the specific healthy practices that have aided in Rebel Wilson’s weight loss success in the first place.

Also, I made a decision to add a brief explanation of why her ways are so useful so that you can acquire a comprehensive understanding of this matter.

Well, let us get to it.

First and foremost, one ought to stick to consuming foods that are high in fiber.

Rebel strives to consume at least thirty-five grams of fiber per single day. Now, why is fiber so damn necessary for weight loss?

The reason for that lies in a fact that simple carbohydrates, including refined (white) grains and products containing added sugar, tend to cause an individual’s blood sugar to “spike” and then “crash.”

This “sugar bipolarity,” in its turn, tends to result in a temporary energy boost, which is then followed by fatigue, hunger, and cravings (frequently for sugary and high-fat fats).

By way of contrast, high fiber foods, which are also known as complex carbohydrates, are generally absorbed into an individual’s bloodstream at a much slower rate, thereby, stabilizing an individual’s blood sugar, thus, preventing cravings and keeping one fuller for a more extended period of time.

Second, it is all about the consumption of healthy fats.

Besides the importance of the consumption of the foods that are abundant in fiber, Rebel Wilson is a tremendous fan of combining healthy fats into her diet.

These include fatty fish, avocados, various nuts, seeds, and so forth.

Because of its complex structure, fat is known to slow down an individual’s digestion, thereby causing any carbohydrate (whether it is complex or simple ones) that is present to be absorbed in a slower rate.

This, in its turn, helps to prevent extreme rises and falls in an individual’s blood sugar and subsequent cravings.

Also, fat further tends to stimulate the release of cholecystokinin, (which is a hormone that tends to act as an appetite suppressant).

Third, it is all about protein sources.

Many of Wilson’s top favorite high fiber foods and healthy fats are also excellent sources of protein.

Those are known to include fatty fish, nuts, seeds, eggs, etcetera.

Similarly to healthy fats and fiber, protein is known to help slow digestion, let alone it keeps blood sugar level in balance, which in its turn helps one to manage his or her hunger.

As a matter of fact, cholecystokinin production is also triggered by the presence of protein in the small intestine.

Another point is all about sticking to a good workout routine.

According to Rebel Willson, she tries to manage to exercise at least four times per single week.

Even though diet has the most significant influence over long-term weight loss success, supplementing regular exercise may help one reach his or her goals much faster and is absolutely crucial for weight maintenance.

As we lose the excessive weight of theirs, our metabolism tends to slow down, which in its turn means that we either have to eat fewer calories or burn more calories throughout physical activity in order for us to continue to lose weight efficiently.

It is the fact that when one drastically reduces his or her calorie intake, then he or she becomes much less sustainable (or delightful).

This is where a habit of adding in exercise will definitely come in handy.

Last but certainly not least, one must stay confident.

Even before Rebel Wilson’s weight loss routine, she was well known for her self-confidence and body positivity.

From here, when one recognizes that his or her self-worth is not contingent on his or her weight, then it frees this particular individual to focus on what is most important (his or her physical and mental health) and pick himself/herself back up after this individual faces inevitable difficulties.

Assuredly, as humans, we may not be perfect, but with a little hard work, consistency, and patience, we are capable of astounding the world with great events!

The Results Will Be Forthcoming!

By means of implementing the healthy lifestyle changes, I have just listed above has made it possible for Rebel Wilson to get rid of an estimated thirty to forty pounds.

Rebel understands what she needs to do in order to be a much healthier individual and, therefore, she has taken active, specific steps in order for her to get to where she wants to be.

This, in its turn, has given her some remarkable results!

As Rebel stated once, “You know, there are so many fascinating actresses out there, but you know what?

In the real world, nobody really looks like that on a daily basis.”

Here at Tonus Journal, we genuinely believe that women out there ought to be happy with how they look, and they should not try to conform to any stereotype.

An ordinary woman’s motto should be—just be happy and, hopefully, healthy and you will live a happy and healthy life both emotionally and physically.

It is worthy no note that Rebel Wilson has been a voice for women when it comes to body positivity.

Mrs. Wilson knows that she can be both curvy and attractive and healthy at the same time.

Rebel Willson acknowledges that beauty does not come from external sources, but from within an individual at the first place.

Now, Rebel’s decision to become healthier has been all about her inner glow—and the results have honestly been awe-inspiring, to say the least.

Now, let us discuss how one can employ some of her strategies in order to find success in his own health.

MyPlate Determined What Was on Willson’s Plate

MyPlate Determined What Was on Willson’s Plate

Let us discuss how to tie all of these essential nutrients (simple/complex carbohydrates, protein, fat, and fiber) together into a well-balanced dish.

The USDA’s (6) (which is an abbreviation standing for United States Department of Agriculture) MyPlate shows how an individual can divide up a plate of his so that he can incorporate all of the food groups.

In essence, MyPlate recommends that one ought to aim to make one fourth of one’s plate protein, one fourth of one’s plate grains and/or starchy vegetables (with at least half of one’s grains being whole grains), and then one should consider adding one half of his plate fruits and non-starchy vegetables.

Additionally, MyPlate differentiates non-fat, and low-fat diary from other lean proteins, let alone MyPlate can also suggest to include one serving, such as an eight-ounce glass of milk, at each meal.

Nevertheless, as long as one receives three servings of dairy or high-protein non-dairy alternatives over the course of any given day, it may not be necessary to incorporate it at each meal.

As a final point, this model promotes the usage of healthy oils during one’s cooking routine and the use of added healthy fats, such as avocado, olives, or a sprinkle of nuts, as a garnish, for instance.

Round II: Melissa McCarthy’s Weight Loss Journey

Round II: Melissa McCarthy's Weight Loss Journey

In this section of my article, I am going to tell you what Melissa McCarthy (7) had to say about the weight loss journey of hers in her own words.

“You know, I have been every size in the world, from a six to a twenty-two.”—these are the words of Melissa McCarthy (The Guardian in the year 2016), which can shed some light on her attitude towards her own self-acceptance.

In brief, for those who do not know, Melissa McCarthy has acted and produced her way to one of the highest paychecks in Hollywood, and now she is up for an Academy Award for her imitation of celebrity-biographer-turned-forger Lee Israel in “Can You Ever Forgive Me?” (8)

In all honesty, it is a surprisingly deep role for the beloved comedian, who was previously getting casted solely for break-out characters in “Bridesmaids,” “Mike & Molly,” (9) “The Heat,” (10) and “Spy.” (11)

However, McCarthy is not only all about exuding self-confidence and crushing life on-screen.

Melissa also made it quite clear that she could not care less about what people think of her weight.

This is a topic she has been asked about time and time again as she churns out hits.

Here is what McCarthy revealed about her weight-loss journey over the years.

Melissa McCarthy’s Weight Loss Journey: Childhood

Melissa McCarthy's Weight Loss Journey: Childhood

Melissa was born and bred in rural Illinois, where she spent her early years on a farm first acting for her mom in their laundry room.

“Personally, I do believe I began worrying about weight way too soon when it was only little-kid weight.”—This is what Melissa told Rolling Stone—”I honestly thought I battled weight throughout high school, though when I look back at pictures of me as a cheerleader, making sprints, lifting weights, doing gymnastics, playing tennis, and while I was not reed-thin like some girls, you know,

I was a size six the entire time.

Hence, what on Earth was I freaking out about, huh?”

Her later move to Los Angeles (where Melissa joined improv troupe titled “The Groundlings”) brought more of a challenge—”In all honesty, I stopped walking and ate lots of shitty food.
I was in decent shape, but then I abruptly gained twenty-five pounds.”

Melissa McCarthy’s Weight Loss Journey: Dieting

Melissa McCarthy's Weight Loss Journey: Dieting

After a few years after Melissa McCarthy landed her first significant role on “Gilmore Girls” (12) movie, she gave a shot to a doctor-supervised all-liquid diet, which in its turn led her to lose seventy pounds in just four months—”I would never do that again,”—she told People of the experience.—”I merely felt starved and crazy half of the time.”

Melissa McCarthy’s Weight Loss Journey: Most Recent Weight Loss

Melissa McCarthy's Weight Loss Journey: Most Recent Weight Loss

Melissa has received a whole lot of different questions concerning her noticeable weight loss over her career (a rumored number of seventy-five pounds); however, Melissa since revealed her secret, the truth about which lies in a simple fact, which is a simple change of lifestyle.

“There is no trick whatsoever; there is nothing to tell—just super boring life,” Melissa said to Extra in the year 2016.

“You ought to bring it real down, you do not have to do anything fun, and you should go to bed at seven-thirty post meridiem—this will do the trick.”

She is not really trying to hit a certain number on the scale, though.

“I have lost weight, but I will be back again,” Melissa told Refinery29.

“I’ll be up, I’ll be down, most likely for the rest of my wild and precious life. The thing is, if that is one of the most interesting matters about me, then I need to have a lavender farm in
Minnesota and give this up.

There has to be something else.”

Melissa McCarthy’s Weight Loss Journey: Parts

Melissa McCarthy's Weight Loss Journey: Parts

However, between warming hearts as Sookie on “Gilmore Girls” and steamrolling opponents as Michelle Darnell in “The Boss,”  (13) McCarthy’s characters have always stood out on screen for a reason.

That is what Melissa had to say about it—”It was not like I have ever wanted to play the stunning-girl lead part who just says seventeen dry lines, you know.”—Melissa revealed to Rolling Stone.

“That simply did not seem like fun to me.

However, you go through everything, like maybe if I was taller, prettier, thinner, would I be going out on more auditions?

However, then in the back of my head, I did not want to do those parts like at all.”

Melissa McCarthy’s Weight Loss Journey: Sexist Standards

Melissa McCarthy's Weight Loss Journey: Sexist Standards

No wonder that Hollywood is unreasonably obsessed with Melissa’s weight.

“I simply find it quite dumb and boring.

I truly do,” Melissa said to AARP (14) last year.

“No one is asking a man, how do you keep your legs in shape?

Which I personally have been asked a lot.

I believe that every time we categorize people by their weight, by race, by gender, we merely put them in boxes, and it is not a good thing for the world, in my opinion.”

Melissa McCarthy’s Weight Loss Journey: A Perfect Body Image

Melissa McCarthy's Weight Loss Journey: A Perfect Body Image

Melissa has two beautiful daughters—Vivian, who has recently accomplished eleven years old, and Georgette, a beautiful girl at the age of eight.

With a longtime husband and partner Ben Falcone, McCarthy knows that that discussion starts all too soon.

“There is an epidemic in our country of girls and women feeling bad about themselves based on what less than five percent of the human race looks like,” Melissa told Redbook in the year 2016.

“This epidemy of stupidity starts very damn early.

My only message is that as long as everybody is healthy, enjoy and embrace whatever body type one has.”

What Does Melissa McCarthy Eat?

What Does Melissa McCarthy Eat?
Essentially, Melissa McCarthy has become a role model for women everywhere who have a struggle dealing with the excessive weight of theirs.

Melissa took control of her life and committed to becoming a much more healthier version of herself.

McCarthy did not cut corners though, as she worked incredibly hard.

Here is a list of remarkable modifications she has made to her diet in order to accomplish her goals.

It Is All About Protein

In order to cut her carbohydrate (both simple and complex ones) intake, Melissa made a decision to consume more lean protein.

Essentially, a diet that is high in protein and low in carbohydrates ought to constitute around fifty percent protein from healthy sources, such as chicken breast, cage-free eggs, wild-caught fish, and grass-fed meat.


The overwhelming majority of people merely tend to underestimate the importance of staying hydrated; however, it is an essential component of any weight loss program.

Melissa McCarthy drank a full glass of lemon water each time she felt that the hunger began to awaken within her.

Besides keeping Melissa hydrated, the lemon water also helped to fill her stomach, thereby making her eat less at each meal.

Additionally, the lemon water boosted Melissa’s digestion quite significantly.

Blast off the Metabolism

The solution to consecutive weight loss is to keep an individual’s metabolism going.

Melissa McCarthy speeded up her metabolism day-in and day-out with a healthy diet by means of consuming two cups of green tea with each and every meal.

It is much better for one’s metabolism to consume several small meals over the course of the day than in order to overindulge in two large meals a day.

Do Not Neglect the Importance of Consuming Fiber

One of the greatest challenges Melissa McCarthy faced in previous diets of hers was hunger.

Melissa discovered, however, that increasing the consumption of fiber helped to keep her feeling full in between the meals.

In substance, products that are abundant in fiber, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, and whole grains, are packed with fiber and other vital nutrients.

Keep Track of the Blood Sugar

This may be the most important aspect of Melissa McCarthy’s diet for weight loss forasmuch as many people who are overweight have unstable blood sugar levels, which in its turn can lead to fluctuation in insulin levels down the road.

Keeping one’s blood sugar steady by means of avoiding sugary foods and processed foods can regulate insulin levels, thereby stimulating one’s body to burn fat for fuel instead of sugar.

From here, the more protein and fat you consume, the more one’s body will turn to stored fat as a source of fuel.

Consume Healthy Fats

Consume Healthy Fats

Besides reducing carbohydrate intake, McCarthy concentrated on healthy fats as part of a balanced diet.

Healthy fats such as olive oil, coconut oil, and avocado, are infinitely better for an individual’s body than hydrogenated vegetable oils.

In a word, the more healthy fat in an individual’s diet, the more his body will burn fat for fuel.

Round III: Rebel Wilson Vs. Melissa Mccarthy Celebrity Weight Loss Battle: Who Won?

Round III: Rebel Wilson Vs. Melissa Mccarthy Celebrity Weight Eight Loss Battle: Who Won?

In all honesty, in my subjective opinion, Rebel Wilson is an undoubtful winner in this weight loss battle of ours and here is why.

The main reason why Rebel Wilson won in this weight loss battle lies in a fact that she merely seems to give more of her attention to the health aspect of the weight loss journey than Melissa McCarthy, let alone Rebel had a hormonal imbalance that tends to make her more susceptible to weight gain in the first place.

Indeed, Melissa McCarthy has burned more excess body fat when directly compared to the ultimate achievement of Rebel Wilson; however, Rebel has a much better understanding of the importance of self-acceptance and maintaining well-being.

What About Supplementation?

What About Supplementation?

Assuredly, losing weight is quite a struggle, to say the least.

However, there are some ways that can undoubtedly help an individual to go through this struggle much easier.

What one should do though, is that in the event if he or she decided to give a shot to a potent fat burning supplement, then he or she ought to go for the most natural product on the healthcare market.

The simple reason for this lies in a fact that products that contain solely chemical ingredients in the core structure of their products can lead a consumer to receive a whole lot of adverse side effects in the distant future.

My personal piece of advice to you all is to check SlimTonus Ultra weight-loss supplement.

This bad boy is a more potent version of SlimTonus weight-loss promoting a dietary supplement.

Now, SlimTonus Ultra, in its turn, contains five solely natural constituents in its structure, which makes this product not only one of the most potent and efficient ones but also one of the safest on the market.

The Bottom Line

Both Rebel Wilson’s weight loss journey and Melissa McCarthy’s weight loss journey are the two perfect examples of how dedication, hard work, and motivation, altogether can lead to astounding results.

However, you all should not forget about the importance of giving the main priority to your emotional/physical well being in the first place.

Be comfortable with who you are and do changes for yourself only.

Cheers, y’ all!

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