Step #1 — Cut off the Sodium
Step #2 — Carbohydrates Explained
Step #3 — Not Your Typical Workout
Step #4 — Supplements

So, how much weight can one lose in a single month?

Indeed, this is quite an intriguing question that is giving a quiver to every fat cell in your body.

Jokes aside, it is more than just possible to lose up to twenty-five pounds (which is equivalent of eleven kilograms in the international (metric) measurement system) of fat within a single month.

In this given article, I am going to educate you about four crucial and integral parts of the general procedure titled “weight loss.”

First, I am going to school you about a perfect diet which can be useful for utterly every individual, disregarding his body type, genetic predispositions, and his regime.

Second, I will school you about the difference between exercising regularly and living an active lifestyle.

Third, I feel that this is necessary to inform you about supplementation and how to choose a perfect supplement that will assist you with burning those “just a few extra pounds” of yours.


My primary goal is not to give you a fright by means of providing you with an undigestible amount of complicated information concerning different aspects of dieting.

I tried to do my best to make it as easy to comprehend as it is humanly possible; however, I would still have to provide you with a few terms and calculations.

As it goes with every process that helps an individual to achieve his goal, there are a few fundamental steps that help one to do so.

Well, let us get to it then.

Step #1 — Cut off the Sodium

 Cut off the Sodium

By all means, one must slow it down when it comes to consuming carbohydrates and fats in abundance in order to lose some of that excess weight of his.

However, not many of you know, but it is critically important to eliminate the consumption of the products that contain sodium in their structure forasmuch as sodium is the chemical element that is responsible for one to have those chubby and watery chicks of his.

In humans, sodium is an indispensable mineral that is known to regulate our blood volume, blood pressure, osmotic equilibrium, and our pH levels (1).

However, it does not mean that we have to consume all of those salty foods in order to meet some specific requirements.

That is to say, in humans, the minimum physiological necessity for sodium is five hundred milligrams a day.

Speaking of the source an individual can get his sodium form, sodium chloride (2) is considered to be the leading source of sodium in one’s diet.

What is more, sodium chloride is used as both flavoring and preservative in such products as pickled preserves and jerky.

Now, unfortunately, for those who live in the U.S., most sodium chloride appears to come from processed foods.

When it comes to other sources of sodium, those sources are principally its natural occurrence in food and various food additives like MSG (3) (which is an abbreviation standing for monosodium glutamate), sodium nitrite, sodium saccharin, baking soda (sodium bicarbonate), and sodium benzoate (4).

By means of conducting a number of researches and investigations on this matter, the U.S. Institute of

Medicine has estimated its Tolerable Upper Intake Level for sodium, which is two and three-tenths grams per day.

However, an average individual in the United States of America tends to consume (at least) three and four-tenths grams per day, which in its turn can cause extremely dire consequences.

There were many studies that have shown that reducing one’s sodium intake by two grams a day lowers systolic blood pressure by approximately two to four mm Hg (I just had to provide you with official data. Do not mind all of these “mm Hg” — in essence, it means that reducing sodium by two grams per day benefits one’s body a whole lot).

Also, it has been estimated that such a reduction in sodium intake might lead to nine (and sometimes even seventeen) percent fewer cases of hypertension.


Even though sodium is an integral part which must be present in an individual’s body, one must watch his daily intake of this mineral in order to both stay healthy and look like a true model.

Step #2 — Carbohydrates Explained

Carbohydrates Explained

Both complex carbohydrates (the vast majority of people merely call them carbs) and simple carbohydrates determine how much weight can you lose in a month.

The secret for both gaining weight and losing it lies in a simple fact that one must learn how to regulate his carbohydrate intake.

By way of example, if an individual’s goal is to gain some weight, then he needs to make a few adjustments to his diet.

In this particular case scenario, this individual has to consume six to seven grams of carbohydrates per two pounds of his body (one kilogram) a day.

When I was working out a lot, I gained thirty-one pound (fourteen kilograms) within one month and a half.

I used to consume up to seven hundred grams of boiled rice daily, let alone I had to gradually increase the amount of food I needed to consume as my weight was changing in leaps and bounds.

On the other hand, if an individual set a goal of losing weight, then he needs to limit his carbohydrate intake to two grams per two pounds of his body (one kilogram) a day.

In this particular event, an individual will most likely be lacking energy forasmuch as he will be experiencing a so-called “carbohydrate’s deficiency.”

However, trust me, the results will be forthcoming!

Personally, when I was losing my weight according to this diet plan, I lost twenty-six pounds (twelve kilograms) within two months.

Last but certainly not least, if an individual wants to maintain a certain weight, then he needs to consume from three to five grams of carbohydrates per two pounds of his body (one kilogram) a day.

Now, what is fundamentally important to note is that the primary source of carbohydrates matters the most.

In other words, there is a difference of significance between both simple carbohydrates and complex carbohydrates.

The list of products that contain simple carbohydrates in their primary structure consists of foods like various fruits, sweets, milk, and different milk products — an individual must watch his simple carbohydrate intake at the very first place as foods containing simple carbs affect our bodies in the most negative way possible.

All of the foods that contain this type of carbohydrates must be consumed strictly during one’s breakfast in the early morning.

However, there is always an exception to the rule.

If you consume half of the grapefruit (which is also considered to be a source of food that contains simple carbs in it) before you go to bed on a daily basis, then you will promote your body to speed the weight-loss process up.

Finally, you must consume carbohydrates in a “reverse progression,” which means that with every other meal you have to consume fewer carbohydrates than you did with your previous meal.

For instance, if you calculated that in order for you to lose weight you need to consume three hundred sixty-five grams of carbs per day, then your breakfast ought to consist approximately of two hundred fifty grams of carbs, and your lunch should consist of the remaining one hundred fifteen grams of carbohydrates.


Initially, one might find it quite challenging to follow all the dieting rules when it comes to managing one’s intake of carbohydrates.

However, subsequently, an individual will come up to a realization that following these rules is not that difficult at all — one just needs to get a gist of the basics.

Step #3 — Not Your Typical Workout

Not Your Typical Workout

When it comes to working out and losing weight, the vast majority of people tend to get extremely overwhelmed.

This happens forasmuch as the swinging majority of adults merely do not have enough time to work out even two days a week.

However, not many of you know that the secret of both effective and efficient weight loss lies in a fact that one must have proper dieting habits and stick to an active lifestyle.

Indeed, sticking to a killer workout routine will help one to lose his excess weight much faster, but one can still get rid of those chubby parts of his by merely choosing to adhere to a more active lifestyle.

By saying “active lifestyle,” I do not necessarily mean that one must to workout consistently on a regular weekly basis.

What is more, in its pure essence, an active lifestyle as a whole does not require to work out at all.

By definition, an active lifestyle can be described as a set of beneficial life-choices which tends to impact one’s physique and overall quality of his life.

For instance, getting to one’s grocery store by taking a walk instead of driving a vehicle or taking a bus is an active lifestyle decision one can take in order to speed up the process of his weight loss.

Similarly, instead of getting into one’s apartment by using the elevator, try to walk up the stairs.

As you can see, making an active lifestyle choice is easy — the one and only obstacle one might face on his way to perfection is his own laziness.

Yep, this time it is not about one having a lack of time to in order to do something for his own benefit — it is all about this particular individual being both lazy and careless when it comes to taking care of his own well-being.


One must know the difference of significance between working out on a regular basis and living a healthy lifestyle.

When it comes to various pieces of training, one must have plenty of free time at his disposal, let alone this individual must be quite a dedicated human being.

On the other hand, living a healthy and active lifestyle does not require one to have much spare time — having some commitment is all that it takes in order for one to live the life he is truly capable of living.

Step #4 — Supplements

Diet Supplements

When it comes to potent weight-loss supplements, some of these products determine how much weight can you lose in a month.

However, choosing a perfect dietary supplement that can fit all of one’s needs and necessities can become quite a challenging matter.

This happens for a number of reasons.

First and foremost, it is all about the pricing.

Usually, the manufacturers of weight-loss supplements tend to put an incredibly high price tag on their products, which in its turn is a deal-breaker for the vast majority of customers out there.

The second reason customers tend to get both extremely overwhelmed and confused when it comes to purchasing a weight-loss promoting supplement is the healthy aspect of it.

The core issue lies in a fact that the overwhelming majority of weight-loss supplements tend to contain solely harmful chemicals in the core structure of their products, let alone the immense caffein dosages which are present in these supplements, which in its turn leads to the corruption of the function of one’s heart’s muscle down the road.

So, is there anything one can do when it seems as there is no fix to this issue?

Fortunately for you, I have done some research on this matter and found one particular product which you might find pretty useful for yourself.

Even though the most dietary supplements in the healthcare market bring more bad than good, there is one weight-loss promoting supplement that makes all the difference.

This product is titled “SlimTonus.”

Also, this manufacturer produces a more potent supplement called “SlimTonus Ultra,” but you and I will discuss this supplement some other time.

So, SlimTonus differs from all the other products on the market by means of providing its consumers with the safest and most optimal weight-loss procedure.

It is harmless to lose one’s excess weight with this particular supplement, forasmuch as SlimTonus consists of solely natural and earth-derived ingredients (nine, to be exact) in its primary structure.

As a result, an individual is going to lose those chubby chicks and pudgy love handles the most reliable way possible.

In case if you want to learn more about this specific product, feel free to read this article, where SlimTonus is compared to the leading weight-loss product on the market produced by the brand name Hydroxycut


Sometimes the inflated price tag does not determine the quality of the product the consumer is about to purchase.

When it comes to making a purchase of a product that directly affects the condition of an individual’s health, this particular individual must rely on his deductive skills, the ability to do research, and think critically.

This time I have done all the job for you.

Next time you might be the one who will help others.

So, how much weight can you lose in a month?

Well, based on the information I provided you with, if you follow these simple fours steps, then you could easily lose up to twenty-five pounds in a single month.

You already have everything you need.

It is not about one’s lack of time or a busy schedule: it is all about your dedication.

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