Low Carb Fast Food

If you wish to finally get rid of extra kilos and start eating healthy foods, it might be reasonable to turn to a keto menu.

However, nowadays, it’s not a simple task to find such products especially if we are to discuss junk food options.

Still, some fast food venues have recently introduced lots of healthy options to try out for everyone who maintains a keto lifestyle.

In this manner, you’ll manage to achieve the set goals easier and you’ll still have a chance to enjoy your favorite foods.

No matter what your goals are, it is always worth turning to healthy eating by limiting the number of refined products in your daily meals and eradicating processed carbohydrates from your diet by selecting risk-free options like low-carb crackers or veggies.

To follow the right track, make sure you avoid food products that are full of carbs like buns, bread or fried potatoes.

It will even be better if you start cooking meals at home rather than ordering them from fast-food chains or elsewhere.

But even if not, it would be useful to know where to buy low-carb fast foods.

Although fast food contains a lot of calories and harmful fats, you may not exclude them from your diet.

And here is what you should know about tasty and healthy fast foods for everyone who wants to survive on a diet with minimum stress.

Low Carb Veggies

Low Carb Veggies

The consumption of carbohydrates in decreased amounts is a splendid way to improve your state of health, fight high blood pressure and prevent diabetes and cardiovascular disorders.

To achieve these goals easier, you can opt for various low-carb yet delicious options among which are low-carb veggies.

So, what veggies will be the most suitable for those who follow a keto diet? In this respect, you need to consider the following simple principles:

  • Veggies that grow above ground usually contain fewer amounts of carbs so they are more preferable for keto-loving dieters;
  • Veggies growing below ground or, in other words, root vegetables have a greater amount of carbs in them and, therefore, should better be avoided if you are on a special diet.
    This is especially applicable for potatoes.

Nonetheless, there are also a few uncommon cases that do not meet these requirements.

Thus, although onion is also a root veggie, it is comprised of a higher amount of carbohydrates.

But, of course, people are not accustomed to eating a lot of onions at a time so you’ll run no risk if you add them as a seasoning to some of your meals.

Green-leaf onions will also be a good choice as an addition to fresh salads and other meals if consumed in small quantities.

In general, keto-friendly veggies are the ones with leaves including lettuce, spinach, and other options.

Low Carb Crackers

If you prefer living keto life, you should be prepared that most of your diet will be comprised of different meats and milk products.

Although we cannot say that it’s a bad choice, we should admit that healthy proteins will taste many times better if you combine them with some tasty keto-friendly crackers that are low in carbs but still delicious.

Crunchy low-carb crackers are not like the traditional ones.

Just because you are probably avoiding anything that is related to bread, low-carb crackers will be a splendid alternative.

And they are also not difficult to cook at home.

These crackers can be of different types including the following:

  • Classic home-made crunch;
  • Salty crackers with spices;
  • Keto-friendly butter crisps;
  • Super crispy graham crackers free from grains;
  • Keto-friendly pepperoni snacks;
  • Home-made crisps with almonds, etc.

And this list can be continued as the selection of delicious options here is virtually endless.

Some crispy snacks are added with cheddar cheese and even coconuts so that they taste really amazing but contain minimum carbs.

When paired with some fresh veggies or other meals, they will add a new taste to your keto life and will persuade your friends that you can still diversify your meals even if you are a fan of keto dieting.

Low Carb Yogurt

If your goal is to eat healthier food and consume fewer carbs, low-carb yogurt will be a superior choice.

It can be a quick snack or perhaps even a separate meal.

However, you might know that yogurts significantly vary according to the carb content so there are some useful things that you should learn before selecting a low-carb yogurt.

It may be slightly difficult to predict what the carb amount in each particular type of yogurt will be so you might need to look up this information on every package.

Even if it is plain yogurt, it is still important to check the label.

As a rule, the greatest amount of carbs is contained in those yogurts that are low in fat or contain no fat at all.

As for the lowest quantity of carbs, the most suitable option would be Greek yogurt that comprises just 7 g of carbs which makes it great for a keto diet.

In addition, you should also understand that yogurts are made of lactose which is basically the kind of sugar that can be found in milk products.

However, yogurt is produced with the help of not just milk but also healthy bacteria so, as a result, you get a low-carb product which is absolutely keto-friendly.

Eating Keto at Panera

Eating Keto at Panera

It might seem that Panera Bread is not the sort of place where you’ll be able to eat keto-friendly foods.

Indeed, this company largely produces pastry, and most people know about that.

But you may not know that it also has low-carb options in the menu including salads, soups, and sandwiches among others.

That’s because just like many other junk food restaurants, Panera Break wants to meet all tastes and dietary habits of their customers.

The quality of their meals is impressive because they use only healthy ingredients suitable for those who follow a special diet.

Despite the fact that their major focus is pastry, their menu is still sufficiently diverse to meet all demands of clients.

So, what low carb options can be found in this fast-food chain?

In fact, there are lots of fascinating options to try out including the following ones:

  • Healthy breakfast options like eggs and bunless sandwiches among others;
  • Greek or Caesar salad as well as seasonal salads with spinach, cabbage, cucumbers, and other low-carb veggies;
  • Keto soups including not just chicken soup but also its vegetarian alternative;
  • Different types of meats like turkey and chicken;
  • Low-carb beverages.

Many of these options allow you to get lots of protein and minimize the carb count you consume.

Keto Chipotle Fast Food Options

Keto Chipotle Fast Food Options

Chipotle is also known for a spectacular variety of low-carb foods that will not leave you dissatisfied in any respect.

If you follow a special eating regimen, you should not necessarily deprive yourself of tasty foods, and here is what you can find at Chipotle:

  • Different kinds of meat products like steaks, chicken, barbacoa and plenty of other delicious and healthy options that are also rich in protein;
  • Low-carb vegetables including lettuce and other keto options with a minimum amount of carbs in them;
  • Good choice of milk products;
  • Several types of salsa to select from;
  • The guacamole which may not seem the healthiest option but it is still low in harmful carbs and contains plenty of useful fats so don’t miss a chance to taste it next time you drop at Chipotle.

All these options are great for keto dieters, which is why there is no need to deprive yourself of tasty meals even when going keto.

Other Keto Fast Food Options to Try Out

Other Keto Fast Food Options to Try Out

Have you ever dreamed of eating healthy at fast food venues?

It seems as if nowadays people finally have this opportunity so we’d like to offer you a brief guide on various fast food restaurants where you can find keto-friendly meals.

    • KFC.
      They offer a very good low carb chicken option but only if you order it without bread or other similar foods rich in carbs.
      In any case, this fast-food restaurant provides very tasty and juicy chicken including breasts and wings;
    • Subway.
      Here you can find delicious low carb salads so you should not necessarily buy sandwiches which this chain is famous for.
      You may order a chicken salad which will be a perfect alternative to sandwiches, and here you may find a few other salad options as well to diversify your choices;
    • Wendy’s.
      Here you may order very good salads as well.
      They are of pretty good quality and taste really good. We will also recommend that you try out chicken at Wendy’s as it tastes a lot better than in other fast-food chains out there;
    • Taco Bell.
      This fast food venue is known for low prices so if you wish to get some good keto-friendly tacos, it will be a nice choice for you.
      They taste good, and the price is more than affordable;
    • Starbucks.
      Unlike Taco Bell, here you may find not very cheap low-carb options on the menu.
      What’s more, it is not their key priority to serve such kind of foods.
      But they do have an outstanding selection of keto-friendly drinks and even a few low-carb meals that taste great.

Bottom Line

Now you know how to eat healthy even at fast food venues.

This may be especially useful if you don’t have enough time to cook low-carb options at home or just need to have a quick snack.

After all, at times, we all rely on fast food chains as it is a convenient and fast way to deal with hunger.

And even if you prefer going keto, you’ll still find plenty of amazing low-carb options in the junk food menus so there is no need to limit your choice of meals and food products or completely avoid your favorite fast-food meals.

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