Here Is Your Ideal Diet Plan
Amount of Meals
Pre-Breakfast Appetizer
Meal # 1 — Breakfast
Meal # 2 — Lunch
Meal # 3 — Lunch #2
Meal # 4 — Propper Supper
Post-Breakfast Appetizer
Cheat Meal
This Diet Saves Your Time
You Have to Experience Hunger
There Are No Carbs Allowed After 6 P.M.
Ho Do I Set My Own Limits?
I Cannot Quite Taste It…
h2o: Just Add Water
What About Dietary Supplements?

Usually, when you stumble upon articles that describe how to lose weight fast, you see that the writers of those articles tend to provide you with five to ten “fundamental” tips of how one can lose his excess weight in an instant.

In contrast to this, as a writer of this article that you are reading at this particular moment, I am going to provide you with one legit tip of how you can lose your extra weight without exercising too much.

The essence of this tip lies in a fact that all that you should adhere to is a perfect diet plan.

Here Is Your Ideal Diet Plan

Here Is Your Ideal Diet Plan

How to lose weight fast without exercise?

Indeed, this question deserves to be answered in the most precise, detailed, and schooling manner.

Well, that is what I am going to do at this very moment.

The main point is that when it comes to creating a dieting plan,
the vast majority of people tends to get extremely bewildered, to say the least.

Such an overwhelmed reaction is usually caused by the fact that the swinging majority of people trying to lose some of their excess weight merely do not have enough knowledge when it comes to this particular discipline.

I intended to write this article having one particular goal in my mind — I wanted to give you a comprehensive understanding of this matter the most straightforward, candid, and sincere way possible.

Amount of Meals

The overwhelming majority of people tend to stick to the “rule of three meals” when it comes to consuming their food on a daily basis.

Even though this “locked in stone”conviction persuaded a lot of people to believe in this particular concept,  yet this belief is not being reiterated on practice.

The real truth lies in a fact that it is always better to break down one’s calorie intake, thereby ending up consuming less food per single meal but increasing the amount of the meals one consumes a day in order to meet all the nutritional requirements one’s body needs.

Acquiring such a habit has perfectly logical reasoning behind it — there is only so many nutrients, vitamins, essential amino acids, and minerals our bodies can extract from the food we consume in one sitting.

Hence, if an individual consumes more food that his body actually needs, then he will end up wasting the majority of it.

In the perfect world, I would give you a piece of advice to consume your food six times a day; however, I understand that for most of you it is merely impossible to devote much time on food consumption.

So, here we go.

Pre-Breakfast Appetizer

Pre-Breakfast Appetizer

Yep, you read it right: you are going to have your appetizer before your main course early in the morning.

Notwithstanding, it is not going to be your average appetizer.

In other words, I will not let you satisfy your gastronomic lusts by consuming greasy onion rings wrapped all around them with crispy bacon or freshly baked garlic bread with garlic dipping sauce (you will save these ready-to-serve foods for your cheat meal, which I am going to school you in a few paragraphs below).

The morning appetizer you are going to be taking day-in and day-out (until the latter days of your life, basically) is a glass of warm water with some lemon juice and a teaspoon of honey mixed in it altogether.

Try to think of your own body as it is a vehicle.

When it is winter season, in order to run a car without damaging the vehicle one has to “warm it up” by running the engine in neutral for at least ten to fifteen minutes.

It is imperative to let one’s automobile idle for some time before driving it to make sure the engine would run properly.

Well, the procedure of warming your body up has the same concept.

You might not feel it, but your whole system does not do too well if you begin eating without properly waking up your body by drinking that glass of water.

It is worthy to note (especially for us, Americans) that not every beverage counts.

In case if an individual drinks coffee, tea, or any other beverage which is not pure water early in the morning, then this particular individual is going to bring more harm to his body.

In all, that is all that you need to know about this killer morning habit of drinking at least sixteen ounces of water right after you wake up.

You do not have to take my word for granted, see it for yourself how water fires up your metabolism, hydrates your system, helps your body to get rid of toxins, gives your brain fuel, and may even make you eat less.

Meal # 1 — Breakfast

So, you have already drunk your glass of water, and now you are ready to load your system with some vitamins, minerals, and energy.

You should not be too impatient though.

You must have a room of at least thirty minutes between your breakfast and pre-breakfast appetizer in order to give some time for your body to wake itself up.

Substantially, breakfast is going to be your the most important meal over the course of the day.

This meal can be identified as a feast to your own body, where the latter one receives all the essential nutrients  (1) in order for it to perform at its best throughout any given day.

In essence, your breakfast is going to consist of fat, carbohydrates (2), and protein along with some vitamins and minerals.

First, let us talk about carbohydrates.

With your breakfast meal, you are going to consume both complex carbohydrates and simple carbohydrates.

Speaking of the primary source of complex carbohydrates, you would have to make a purchase of steel-cut oatmeal in your local grocery store.

Why steel-cut oats, you might ask me?

Because steel-cut oats are minimally processed, let alone they contain more fiber and density than their counterparts.

Also, steel cut rolled oats are one of the healthiest grains that you can possibly consume.

What is essential to note is that steel-cut oatmeal takes significantly longer time to get to its eatable condition in comparison with regular oatmeal.

On average, one can prepare regular oatmeal in three to five minutes.

On the other hand, steel-cut oatmeal takes about fifteen to thirty minutes to cook.

Now, when it comes to simple carbohydrates, you are going to add a handful of blueberries to your cooked oatmeal.

Yep, that is about it.

You need to remember one simple rule — watch your simple carbohydrate intake forasmuch as an abundant consumption of simple carbohydrates results in a fast gain of excess weight and manifestations of inflammation of one’s skin in the form of acne.

In a word, the one and only time you can consume simple carbohydrates is during your breakfast.

Other than that, there are no fruits, sugary products, and sodas can be drunk/eaten over the course of your day.

Speaking of the source of protein, you are going to end up consuming two to three hard-boiled eggs per day.

Now, you can allow yourself to eat no more than one yolk a day inasmuch as one yolk consists of five grams of fats and it is also quite abundant in (one hundred eighty-four grams) cholesterol (3).

Indeed, this waxy and fat-like substance titled cholesterol is essential for one’s body, but when one consumes one yolk a day, he meets all the requirements just fine as wine.

To summarize, when one consumes three hard-boiled eggs (three whites and one yolk), then he absorbs twenty grams of protein (one white consists of pure five grams of protein and one yolk consists of five grams of protein, five grams of fats, and one hundred eighty-four grams of cholesterol).

In the end, you absorb your protein from its best and purest source without giving any harm to your body by means of consuming cholesterol in abundance.

Now, one has to be extremely careful when it comes to consumption of fats.

First and foremost, you need to know how many calories in a pound of fat.

Primarily, you and I are going to talk about calorie intake.

Since three thousand five hundred calories equal about one pound of fat, it is determined that one needs to burn about three thousand five hundred calories in order to lose that one pound of fat.

Therefore, in general, if an individual cuts about five hundred to one thousand calories per single day from his typical diet, he would end up losing about one to two pounds per week.

However, it is the primary source of fat that matters the most.

For instance, it is much harder to bur one pound of fat gained by eating onion rings and chicken wings rather than burning the same amount of fat gained by the consumption of fish, nuts, and avocados.

From here, you are going to absorb fat from the best source.

Each morning, you are going to consume a quarter of an avocado, a handful of roasted unsalted cashews, and a recommended dosage (which solely depends on the directions the manufacturer of the particular dietary supplement provides you with) of omega−3 fatty acids (fishy fat).

Note that the quarter of an avocado and a handful of cashews will be your only source of fat for the whole day long.

Last but certainly not least, you ought to consider consuming a few pieces of fresh broccoli and carrots with every meal of yours.

Yep, I am aware of the fact that not many of you are fond of consuming greens, especially when it comes to adding broccoli to one’s diet.

However, veggies and greens carry their nutritional value only in the event if they are consumed raw.

In case if you subjected the greens to any heat treatment, no matter whether you steam, fry, or grill them, you will end up receiving more pleasure but less benefit from the consumption of those greens.

Meal # 2 — Lunch

About six hours have passed since you ate your breakfast and now you begin to experience real hunger.

Well, it is the perfect time to plan to eat your second meal of the day.

Your lunch is going to consist of complex carbohydrates, a liquid meal (soup), and a source of protein.

You get to choose either whole-grain pasta or buckwheat as your primary source of complex carbohydrates for the second meal of yours.

The main reason you can choose either one of these two types of carbs is that both whole-grain pasta and buckwheat are significantly more abundant in nutritional value when compared to wild rice, white rice, noodles, and other sources of complex carbohydrates.

Also, remember that your lunch is your second and last meal which can contain carbohydrates in it for all the other meals will contain solely those products that deliver protein to one’s body once consumed and digested.

Now, when it comes to your liquid lunch dish, you are only allowed to consume broth-based soups.

There are no creamy, tasty, and cheesy soups allowed in this diet (sorry not sorry).

Speaking of broth-based soups, I would personally advise you to purchase a can of either chicken broth or vegetable broth in order to use it as a base for your soup.

Then, you can pour the broth in a bowl in order to mix it with whole-grain pasta ultimately.

Now, your baked boneless chicken breast is going to be your primary source of protein in your lunch meal.

The way you cook this chicken is somewhat substandard (but, hey, whatever gets the job done, am I right?) — you ought to merely preheat oven to four hundred fifty-five degrees Fahrenheit (two hundred thirty-five Celsius) and then leave your chicken wrapped in a foil to bake there for about forty-five minutes.

As the forty-five minutes pass, take one piece of the chicken breast and give it a check: slice it in half right in the middle in order for you to see whether it is fully cooked or not.

It is always better to slightly overcook it rather than getting poisoned by some raw particles in that chicken.

Well, that is about it.

With this particular lunch meal, you will end up consuming about thirty grams of protein with your chicken breast and just enough carbohydrates to keep you active until you depart into the depth of your sweet and wild dreams.

Meal # 3 — Lunch #2

As I have previously stated before, there is no way three meals per day can keep us energized forasmuch as our bodies simply cannot digest and extract all the useful nutrients from large amounts of consumed food.

Hence, we have to add some extra meals in order for our bodies to function correctly.

Your second lunch will consist of solely protein and vegetables in it.

Again, as the primary source of protein, you are going to consume another chicken breast which you have already prepared earlier in a day.

Speaking of vegetables, you would have to make a salad.

There is nothing special about this salad.

First, you have to cut tomatoes, cucumbers, celery, some onions, and green pepper.

Second, you shred some parsley and one garlic head.

Third, add just a tiny bit of olive oil as a dressing.

Finally, mix it all together and enjoy this meal of perfection!

Also, do not forget to eat some fresh broccoli and carrots with every single meal of yours.

Meal # 4 — Propper Supper

It matters not whether you call it dinner or supper (supper it is, my fellow Americans) — the bottom line is that it is your very last meal of the day and this meal must be easy to digest.

Making this meal is simple as simple does.

You merely peel off the hard-boiled eggs you cooked earlier and eat three egg whites with some fresh broccoli and a few baby carrots.

Under any circumstances, you should not eat considerable amounts of food prior to your sleepy time for this act of gluttony of yours makes it very hard for your body to digest the food in the early A.M., thereby inhibiting you to receive your eight hours of sleep.

Post-Breakfast Appetizer

Post-Breakfast Appetizer

As controversial as it sounds, you are also going to have your post-breakfast appetizer.

In order to prepare this appetizer, you would need to have a few instruments in your possession: a knife, one grapefruit, and just a tiny bit of enthusiasm.

Even though grapefruit is the primary source of simple carbohydrates, this particular fruit is known to speed up one’s metabolism a whole lot.

When consumed before bedtime, this subtropical citrus will promote your body to speed up its weight-loss routine.

For the best results, eat half of a half (one quarter) right before you go to bed (which in its turn means that one grapefruit will last you for four days).

This particular dietary habit is the answer to your question of how to lose weight fast.

Cheat Meal

Cheat Meal

The cheat meal is the kind of meal you that you will be waiting to bite on a weekly basis.

In substance, when the cheat day comes, you can eat anything you want.

One medium handmade pan pizza with cheddar cheese, extra garlic parmesan white sauce, pineapple, double cheese, ham, shredded parmesan, and feta cheese — ha, no problem, I can eat it all at a heat!

Even though this might sound quite controversial to you, but consuming such an unhealthy meal once a week (only when you adhere to a specific diet plan) actually speed up your weight-loss process by means of giving stress to your body.

Remember, once a week, not twice.

This Diet Saves Your Time

This Diet Saves Your Time

Surely, initially, the fact that you have to cook your steel-cut oatmeal for thirty minutes, bake chicken for about forty-five minutes, boil eggs for ten minutes, and spend some time preparing your salad might discourage you, to say the least.

However, subsequently, you will realize that those initial alarming feeling of yours were no more than a disturbance in vain.

The whole point of this diet is to do both help you lose your excess weight fast and save a lot of your time.

By now, you already know how this diet helps you promote your weight loss routine.

Now, I have to educate you how to use this diet to your best advantage when it comes to saving your precious time.

The trick is rather simple — devote one day and cook all of your meals at once.

The core concept of this idea is that you can prepare all of your essential meals which take the longest time to cook at a heat.

For instance, you know that it takes you seventy-five minutes to cook steel-cut oatmeal and chicken.

Indeed, cooking these meals day-in and day-out would have taken plenty of your valuable time.

Hence, you can cook your chicken, steel-cut oatmeal, whole-grain pasta, and buckwheat at one day.

Once you know how much of the products I have just listed above you consume on a daily basis, you would have to multiply this amount by seven and viola — now you have your weekly amount of food you consume.

Chicken, grains, and pasta can stay fresh for the whole week straight when stored in a container in a fridge.

When it comes to eggs and salad, you would have to prepare these meals once in two days since these particular products tend to go bad much faster than the other lot.

Also, do not peal all of the hard-boiled eggs at once for eggs tend to stay fresh for a significantly more extended period of time when they are unpeeled.

You Have to Experience Hunger

You Have to Experience Hunger

With this particular diet, you absolutely have to experience hunger.

This diet is invented not to satisfy your gastronomic lust; it is invented to satisfy your ego when you will look at yourself in a mirror in a month.

Basically, you have to have at least three hours between each meal of yours.

What is more, there are no snacks allowed whatsoever.

Also, if you begin to feel hunger, then drinking a glassful of water might help.

This happens forasmuch as sometimes we tend to feel hungry when we are actually dehydrated.

There Are No Carbs Allowed After 6 P.M.

There Are No Carbs Allowed After 6 P.M.

You utterly cannot consume carbohydrates after six post meridiem.

This simple rule has a mere explanation to it.

The vast majority of people usually wake up around seven ante meridiem, which means that these individuals spend their most active time from around nine ante meridiem to five post meridiem.

Now, I have already brought an explanation in one of my recent articles that the key to regulating metabolism is in the consumption of carbohydrates.

In a word, the more carbs an individual consumes, the more weight he gains and vice versa.

With this in mind, you and I can come up to a logical conclusion that an average individual’s process of burning active calories slows down significantly after five post meridiem, which in its turn means that if this particular individual consumes carbohydrates after six post meridiem, then he is more likely to gain fat instead of replenishing his energy reserves.

Also, one must eat carbohydrates according to so-called “reverse progression,” which means that with every other meal this individual has to consume fewer carbohydrates than he did in his previous meal.

One would better stick to this essential rule for one specific reason — our bodies also burn active calories in a reverse progression.

So, in case if you did not manage to eat your first lunch at a time, then you would have to punish yourself by having only one meal with carbohydrates that day.


How Do I Set My Own Limits?

Ho Do I Set My Own Limits?

Essentially, here is the rule of how to know one’s limits when it comes to consuming food.

When it comes to protein, an individual must consume two and a half to three grams of protein per two pounds (one kilogram) of his total weight.

Now, it is a little more complicated with carbohydrates.

As I have already mentioned earlier, the key to both losing and gaining weight lies in a fact that one must learn how to manage his carbohydrate intake.

In essence, if obese Joe wants to lose some of his excess weight, then he ought to consume one to two grams of carbohydrates per two pounds of his body.

On the other hand, if skinny Joe wants to gain some weight, then he would have to consume six to seven grams of carbohydrates per two pounds of his slender body.

Now, if average Joe wants to maintain his average weight (maintain a particular discipline), then he should consume three to four grams of carbohydrates per two pounds of his average body.

What is important to note is that a certain amount of food (which is a primary source of complex carbohydrates) does not contain the same amount of carbs in it.

For instance, one hundred grams of oatmeal contains only twelve grams of complex carbohydrates.

So, if you weight one hundred eighty-three pounds, then you need to eat ninety-one and a half grams of complex carbohydrates per day in order to lose weight.

From here, you have to cook five hundred grams of oatmeal in order to get you fifty-eight grams of complex carbs with your meal.

This leaves us with thirty-three grams of complex carbohydrates you have to consume with your second meal in order to meet your daily nutritional value requirements and not to experience carbohydrate deficiency.

I Cannot Quite Taste It…

I Cannot Quite Taste It...

If you read this article attentively, then you probably noticed that I had not said a single word about how to flavor and season the food you cook.

Well, I did it on purpose.

The gist of it is that the sodium is your main adversary when it comes to your weight-loss routine.

The gamut of foods that contain sodium runs from smoked, cured, salted or canned meat, fish or poultry including bacon, cold cuts, ham, frankfurters, sausage, sardines, caviar, and anchovies to frozen breaded meats and dinners, such as burritos and pizza (and basically all canned entrees, such as ravioli, spam, and chili).

When an individual consumes much food that is abundant in sodium, he is more likely to wake up the morning after feeling all bloated and watery (that is when you look at the mirror and see your chubby watery chicks).

With this particular diet, you will learn how to receive all the essential nutrients and how to lose weight fast.

By adhering to this diet, you eliminate all the adverse effects transfat foods can bless you with by means of not frying any food you cook.

Indeed, boiled and baked food does not taste as good as a nicely fried meal that is abundant in seasoning; however, believe me, the results will be forthcoming.

h2o: Just Add Water

Generally speaking, water carries vital importance to all living things; in some organisms, up to ninety percent of their body weight comes from water.

In us, human beings, up to sixty percent of the human adult body is water.

The general rule lies in a fact that an individual must drink eight-ounce glasses of water per day.

That is not too hard to remember, and it is quite a reasonable goal.

However, what you should know is that the overwhelming majority of people believe in a common misconception that they can stay hydrated by drinking water and other fluids whenever they feel thirsty.

From here, if you drink two eight-ounce glasses of any fluid that is not pure water (coffee, tea, soda, and so forth) from those eight eight-ounce glasses water that you are supposed to drink on a daily basis, then you must compensate those two eight-ounce glasses that you drank with two extra eight-ounce glasses of pure water.

Following this simple rule is the crucial aspect of how to lose weight fast.

Also, if you have a habit of drinking while you are eating, then you must get rid of it instantaneously.

You merely cannot drink thirty minutes before and after you consume your food as well as while you are eating the meal of yours forasmuch as by doing so you inhibit your digestive system to function the way it should.

What About Dietary Supplements?

What About Dietary Supplements?

In order for you to get the most from your weight loss routine, I would give you a piece of advice, which is that you consider adding various dietary supplements to your diet.

For fear that dietary supplements bring a whole lot of various adverse consequences to their consumers, the vast majority of people tend not even to consider the option of resorting to the consumption of dietary supplements (which, in its turn, is quite unfortunate, to be honest).

Assuredly, there are countless products on the healthcare market which are known to harm people instead of helping them improve their own well-being.

However, there are many supplements that are worthy to be noted for these products are actually capable of improving one’s well-being substantially.

First, I would like to talk about isolate protein.

In its essence, the protein itself is a food supplement, which helps one substitute one or two meals a day, thereby making it possible for its consumer to receive all the nutrients he needs the fastest way possible.

Now, I would highly recommend you to use an isolated protein rather than any whey protein out there for one simple reason: isolate protein was initially invented for people who work out to maintain the lean mass of their bodies, while whey protein is known to cause its consumer to gain some extra weight.

All of this is a consequence of a simple fact that isolate protein has three grams of carbohydrates and twenty-four grams of protein in one serving (one scoop), while an average whey protein has from five to fifteen grams of carbohydrates and twenty-five grams of protein in it.

In case if you want to go all the way, you might want to consider to make a purchase of pure isolate protein, which has zero grams of carbs and twenty-five grams of protein per one serving.

However, be aware that this kind of protein is the priciest product on the market.

Speaking of fat burning supplements, it is getting more complicated as stakes are rising.

In other words, as much as fat-burning supplements can help one to lose his excess weight fast, these products can also cause irreparable damage to their consumers.

This is a direct consequence of the fact that the swinging majority of these supplements are abundant in caffeine.

Nevertheless, there are some supplements on the market which radically differ from the products I have just described above.

One of these supplements is generally known under the brand “SlimTonus.”

This supplement consists of solely natural and plant-derived ingredients in its structure, which makes this product an ultimate tool for speeding up one’s weight loss routine dramatically.

This particular supplement has some amount of caffeine in its structure, but the amount of caffeine the average consumer of SlimTonus’ supplement consumes is incomparable with the amount of caffeine other supplements have.

I would highly encourage you to spend ten minutes of your leisure and read this in-depth compare and contrast article, where SlimTonus is directly compared with another leading supplement titled “Hydroxycut.”

Overall, you have to remember one simple thing — all the dietary supplements are not a substitute for real food, there is a reason why these products called “supplements.”

When combined with a great diet plan (your plan!), these supplements will help you astound the world with staggering results!

In all, now you know how to lose weight fast.

You have all the instruments you need in order to astound the world with your brilliance.

Use these bricks I have provided you with in order to create a strong foundation for your brand new, happy, and healthy life!

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