The Three Integral Parts of the Weight Loss Routine
Proper Diet: Establish Your Goals
The Proper Method of Calculation
The Diagram
Fat Burners
So, Is the Sports Nutrition Market so Hopeless?
Green Coffee Bean

What is the most efficient and safest way to lose weight without receiving any adverse side-effects in return?
What is the best weight loss supplements for women and men?

Is it better to purchase best over the counter weight loss pills, get prescription diet pills online (1), or just to run on a treadmill from sunrise to sunset?

In this article, I am going to provide you with the best solution and a few other options you can choose from.

The Three Integral Parts of the Weight Loss Routine

Weight loss (2) does not happen in an instant — it is a very complicated routine which consists of many different procedures.

The most three essential and integral parts that promote one’s astounding body transformation are proper and healthy diet, regular pieces of training, and intake of natural supplements.

Well, let’s get to it.

Proper Diet: Establish Your Goals

The key to losing weight is to eliminate carbohydrates (3) and overall calorie intake in general.

Basically, the gamut of consuming carbohydrates runs from one gram per two pounds (one kilogram) of one’s overall weight to seven grams per two pounds.

Generally speaking, one ought to limit the intake of carbohydrates to one or two grams per two pounds of one’s total weight in order to lose his weight.

If the goal is to maintain discipline (maintain a certain weight), then an individual should consume from three to four grams of carbohydrates per two pounds of his body.

Now, if an individual wants to gain weight, then he is more likely going to succeed with achieving such a goal by increasing the intake of carbohydrates from five to seven grams per two pounds of one’s body.

Personally, I have tried sticking to such a diet for both reasons: to gain weight initially and then to lose it subsequently.

First, one beautiful day I woke up, looked at the mirror, and told myself that I need to gain some weight.
It is important to note that I have an ectomorphs’ type of body, which means that it is pretty challenging for me to gain weight and quite easy to lose it.

So, then I wrote down my daily calorie intake, went to my local grocery store, and began the gaining season of mine.

As a result, I gained thirty-four pounds within two months, which is quite astounding when my body type is taken into account.

So, my initial weight was one hundred eighty-three pounds (eighty-three kilograms), and the weight I gained was two hundred seventeen pounds (ninety-seven kilograms.)

My primary source of complex carbohydrates was white rice, which I was consuming about seven hundred grams of rice per day (cooked, of course.)

The Proper Method of Calculation

So, once we have established the “boundaries” of the average daily intake of carbohydrates, the next step of ours would be to learn the proper way of calculating the carbohydrates in different products.

See, it might seem like it is quite a simple task, but this is not entirely true.

By way of example, let’s say that Bobby is six feet tall (one meter eighty-three centimeters) and weighs about one hundred eighty-three pounds (eighty-three kilograms).

In this case, if Bobby’s primary goal is to lose weight, then he has to consume one hundred sixty-six grams of carbohydrates per day (according to the formula we have just discussed one paragraph earlier: two grams of carbs per one kilogram of one’s body weight: 83 kg * 2g = 166 g)

However, it does not mean that Bobby should eat the exact amount of buckwheat or white rice (both of these are the sources of complex carbohydrates) which equals one hundred sixty-six grams.

A certain amount of grains (rice, wheat, etcetera) does not contain the same amount of carbohydrates; this is basically the gist of it.

For instance, one hundred grams of cooked white rice contains twenty-eight grams of complex carbohydrates in it.

Similarly, one hundred grams of cooked (yeah, we always take only cooked grains into account) contains seventy grams of complex carbohydrates.

You do not need any formula to do such calculations — simply google “food converter” (4) and see the nutritional values of the product you choose to examine.

See, you are becoming much more competent in this matter of dietology (5).

Huh! This is just the very beginning!

The Diagram

So, once we figured the calculation out, now it is the time to discuss the perfect way to consume the carbohydrates.

I call this part of the dieting “the perfect diagram.”

The core concept of this so-called “perfect diagram” is that one must consume carbohydrates on a steep line, which means that he should eat more during the breakfast and then less and less with every other meal.

For example, if one consumes two hundred grams of carbohydrates at breakfast, then there is no way he can eat more than two hundred grams of carbohydrates at lunch.

What is more, one should not consume more than one hundred fifty grams of carbohydrates during his second meal, which in its turn means that with every other meal one has to consume one quarter less of the initial amount of his daily carbohydrates’ intake.

The other matter it would not hurt to discuss over is the source of carbs.

In all, there are two types of carbohydrates out there: simple carbohydrates and complex carbohydrates.

In a word, complex carbs are best friends of yours, and simple ones are your main adversaries.

Complex carbohydrates can be consumed by eating porridge, oatmeal, various grains, etcetera.

Simple carbohydrates are mainly fruits and sweets.

The rule is quite simple: watch your intake of simple carbohydrates since an accessible intake of simple carbohydrates can result in weight gain, the appearance of acne, caries, and so forth.

If you stick to this diet at least for one month, then the results will be forthcoming.

Fat Burners

Once we figured out both the proper amount of the intake of carbohydrates, now it is the time to jump to another topic — Fat Burning products (6).

Let me be frank at the commencement, fat burning supplements work, but they are not worth it for they come with a lot of sh..t.

I am talking from the perspective of a person who used to take various fat burning products.

So, the saying “do not knock it until you have tried it” will not work with me.

I tried it, I said it, I meant it, and I am here to represent it.

Most of fat burning supplements that are available on the market contain an immense amount of caffeine in their structure along with other potent stimulants.

As I have previously stated, I tried a few different fat burning products back in a day.

One of the products I used to take is titled “Hydroxycut,” which is probably the most popular fat burning product out there.

Three weeks have passed until I flushed the pills down the toilet.

One fine day, I felt that my blood pressure went very high.

So, I sat down on a stool in my backyard and received a notification from my AppleWatch (7) that literally gave me an option to give an ambulance a call for my heart rate scored two hundred forty-five beats per minute.

It is worthy to note that I did not even get to the “consistent intake” stage as at that time I still was in my “loading” stage of the supply.

In essence, the loading stage is a certain period of time when one does not take the full daily dosage of the supplement.

This happens for one’s system needs some time to adjust gradually to the intake of any potent supplement.
Then, without any hesitation and doubt, I flushed the pills down the toilet.

Then, as some time passed, I heard that highly-rotated story about many people dying of a heart attack, which in its turn was caused by the consumption of Hydroxycut weight-loss supplement.

As a result, in the year 2016, only in the U.S. thirty-three individuals were brutally murdered by Hydroxycut.

As a consequence, an inspection was conducted in the second quarter of the year 2016 on this matter.

Accordingly to this investigation, it has been revealed that the main reason why the usage of supplements similar to Hydroxycut may lead to an individual’s sudden death is that such supplements contain an enormous amount of caffeine in their structure, not to mention that the caffeine itself does not usually come from the best source.

So, Is the Sports Nutrition Market so Hopeless?

So, Is the Sports Nutrition Market so Hopeless?

No, it is not.

You just need to have an eagle’s eye to distinguish the beneficial products from those that can cause sudden death of yours.

Some time has passed, and I eventually recovered from the adverse effects of taking Hydroxycut.

Then, I came to a decision to continue doing some additional research on this matter.

Ultimately, I stumbled upon a dietary weight-loss supplement that I am going to describe in this paragraph.

This weight loss product is titled “SlimTonus.”

Essentially, taking this supplement is the equivalent of taking natural weight loss pills.

There are two primary factors that distinguish SlimTonus from all the other weight loss supplements on the market: its ingredients and the source of caffeine.

First and foremost, this product primarily consists of solely natural and plant-derived vital ingredients in its structure.

By using strictly natural elements in the SlimTonus’ structure, one is going to experience a very substantial increase in his weight loss.

Second, it is all about the primary source SlimTonus gets its caffeine from.

In essence, this means that this dietary weight loss supplement makes one lose the excessive weight of his naturally without giving his heart muscle a hell of a workout.

Indeed, SlimTonus does contain some caffeine in it, but the word “some” is the key word in this particular case scenario.

By way of example, one Hydroxycut pill contains about two hundred fifteen milligrams of caffeine in it, which equals two cups of espresso.

On the other hand, a single SlimTonus’ tablet, contains only fifty-five milligrams of caffeine in it, which equates to only half a cup of a drip coffee.

The source of the caffeine is worthy of being described in a separate paragraph for it is very qualitative.

Green Coffee Bean

Green Coffee Bean (8) is the primary source from which SlimTonus’ extracts its caffeine from.

Basically, the energy boost one experiences from taking this supplement comes directly from green coffee beans, which are unroasted coffee beans of Coffea fruits.

These before-mentioned beans are generally known inasmuch as they contain polyphenols (9) and fat-burning chlorogenic acid.

In its turn, the effect of chlorogenic acid reduces one’s overall body mass by drastically promoting the process of fat burning.

In general, caffeine itself is known to promote the process of thermogenesis, which is the body’s natural method of burning active calories.

Similarly, chlorogenic acid reduces the fat absorption, develops the function of the fat-burning hormone (adiponectin), and lessens fat storage in the liver.

In case if you want to acquire more information about this product, read this article

In summary, it is always quite challenging to lose weight.

Fortunately, you are the one who is in control of your body.

All it takes is to have good discipline, choose natural supplements, and stay motivated no matter what happens over the course of your weight loss journey.

Well, what are you weighting for?

Make a purchase of those weight loss pills for women and men, do your cardio, and eat properly!

Get the sweat outta your body, boi!

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