Glutamine Supports Neurological Function
The Improvement of the Small Intestine
Decreases Food Sensitivity Reactions
Best Glutamine Foods Out There

Many of you are aware of the undoubtful importance of amino acids as these essential acids are significant players in approximately every metabolic function within the individual’s body.

Now, L-glutamine (1) by far is generally considered as one of the most critical amino acids (2).

By the same token, L-glutamine tends to account for over sixty percent of the free amino acids in one’s blood, brain, internal organs, and muscle tissue.

I wrote this article with an intention to go over some benefits of L-glutamine initially and provide you with top ten best food sources by consuming which each and one of you can absorb glutamine the most natural and safe way possible subsequently.

In essence,  L-glutamine is an important amino acid for the presence of this acid in one’s body is a necessity since it performs many complex functions in an individual’s body.

For this particular reason, it is vital to boost one’s circulating levels of L-glutamine, thereby providing an individual’s body with additional help regarding many various health conditions, which in its turn results in overall improvement of one’s quality of life.

Now, glutamine itself plays a vital role in one’s cardiovascular function by means of supplying a principal energy source for endothelial cells that are known to line our blood vessels.

In addition to this, glutamine improves nitric oxide synthesis by these endothelial cells.

This improvement of nitric oxide synthesis is crucial for controlling blood vessel tone and diminishing inflammation in the blood vessel walls.

Glutamine Supports Neurological Function

Glutamine Supports Neurological FunctionInterestingly enough, glutamine is also considered to be a significant player when it comes to maintaining healthy neurological function, which in its turn has proven to improve an individuals mood, better concentration, promote memory, and so forth.

Glutamine readily crosses over the blood-brain barrier where it is being transformed into L-glutamic acid.

As another example, glutamic acid is fundamental for the improvement and maintenance of cerebral function.

What makes glutamic acid unique is that the fact that this acid can be easily converted into an energy source which supplies neuronal cells when an individual’s blood sugar is low.

This characteristic is thought to be quite sufficient for glutamine’s ability to damper sugar and alcohol cravings.

Also, glutamine is an essential and integral part of an individual’s digestive system.

Glutamine is the fundamental nutrient for the cells of the abdominal lining where it accommodates the regulatory process of one’s cellular reproduction.

Through this mechanism, glutamine promotes prevention and repairement of a leaky gut, which in its turn is common in people with both inflammatory and auto-immune conditions (3).

For this particular reason, the supplementation of glutamine has been shown to be quite efficient in people who have ulcerative colitis, celiac disease (4), Crohn’s disease (5), and irritable bowel syndrome (6).

The Improvement of the Small Intestine

The Improvement of the Small IntestineSpecifically, glutamine is also known to help cells absorb water across the junction within one’s small intestine and bloodstream.

This is an indispensable part of preserving one’s body from fluid loss and dehydration.

From here, when water is not absorbed back into the body, then diarrhea occurs.

In its turn, diarrhea can be harmful forasmuch as humans tend to lose both water and other vital nutrients under such an unpleasant condition.  Interestingly enough, glutamine has been shown to lessen the frequency and severity of diarrhea.

So, begin consuming the glutamine foods to eliminate all the adverse and negative outcomes I have just told you about.

Lastly, glutamine plays a critical role in both cellular and systematic detoxification processes.

The lymphatic system supports fluid and protein stability in an individual’s body, strengthens immune cells, and filters out harmful toxins that are stored in tissues.

Glutamine is a crucial energy source for allowing the lymphatic cells to remove toxic debris better.

In the same way, glutamine serves as a transport molecule that carries ammonia out of primary tissues including our brain, where it is delivered to the liver for its ultimate conversion into urea.

Decreases Food Sensitivity Reactions

Decreases Food Sensitivity ReactionsBefore I begin educating you about various glutamine foods, I would like to tell you about one study which has revealed that L-glutamine is also capable of reducing food sensitivity reactions.

So, this study was conducted in the year 2004, throughout which it has been revealed that L-glutamine benefits one’s body by controlling IgA immune response.

IgA, in its turn, attacks bad bacteria and viruses to keep preventing various infections to occur in the first place.

Now, secretory IgA (sIgA) is an antibody that manages the mucosal membranes of the intestines, respiratory, urinary and reproductive tracts.

Meanwhile, poorly managed sIgA responses are associated with food sensitivities and allergies.

In this case scenario, glutamine plays a vital part in controlling and modulating sIgA, thereby keeping the immune system healthy and lessening food sensitivity reactions.

Also, there was another study which was published in the Journal of Clinical Immunology (7), in which it was found that glutamine normalizes the effects of both the Th1 and TH2 immune response that stimulates inflammatory cytokines.

This, in its turn, demonstrates the ability of L-glutamine to support and modulate the immune system to lessen inflammatory activity and promote anti-inflammatory conditions.

Best Glutamine Foods Out There

Best Glutamine Foods Out ThereFinally, it is the time to talk over glutamine foods by consuming which one’s body extracts L-glutamine initially and synthesizes it subsequently.

If you have ever visited any supplementation store in your area, then you probably know that L-glutamine is widely known as a conditionally essential amino acid, for the body uses it in large amounts.

Basically, there are ten glutamine foods one ought to consider adding to his diet:

  • Bone broth and bone broth protein;
  • Grass-fed whey protein;
  • Grass-fed raw dairy;
  • Grass-fed beef or bison;
  • Spirulina;
  • Cabbage;
  • Asparagus;
  • Broccoli;
  • Venison;
  • Organic poultry.

In the perfect world, it is ideal to consume at least two servings from this list of glutamine foods I have just provided you with on a daily basis.

Raw dairy foods from grass-fed cows and goats are similarly quite potent in L-glutamine.

This includes grass-fed, non-denatured whey protein powder which is supposed to be the most bioavailable form extracted from an animal source.

Taking an adequate amount of this form of whey protein as a shake with coconut milk, berries, and cinnamon daily is an excellent way to boost L-glutamine levels naturally.

Some people, particularly those with leaky gut and auto-immunity have a specific immune reactivity to whey protein.

Then, they should not include grass-fed and non-denatured whey into their diet.

In case if one notices that he experiences cramping or bloating, then he must stop taking the product immediately.

Speaking of red cabbage, it is considered as the densest vegetable form of L-glutamine.

A fantastic way of bringing in the high-quality nutrition from red cabbage is through juicing or shredding and fermenting the veggie.

Red cabbage sauerkraut prepared with apple cider vinegar may be one of the safest ways to consume L-glutamine due to the low fermentation processes that create an excess of enzymes and good bacteria that make it possible for amino acids and other nutrients to be digested and utilized within one’s body.

Well, that is about it.

All in all, I strongly recommend for most of my readers to consume fermented vegetables like sauerkraut and kimchi on a daily basis. Read more

Even having a tablespoon of these glutamine foods each day can make a  difference of significance!

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