My greatest regret

Many people are merely not aware of the importance of taking vitamins at the correct time.

The whole misconception concerning taking vitamins lies in the effect that most of all think that there is no such thing as the best time to take vitamins, which is a very delusional and misleading statement, to say the least.

On the contrary, if you take your vitamins not when you’re supposed to, then you’re bound to do more harm than good to your own body.

So, what is the best time to take vitamins?

At so first, let’s define the term ‘vitamins.’

Vitamins are essential organic compounds that you need in order for you to grow into a handsome and robust lady or into a captivating and pretty lady.

Now you can consume your vitamins in two different ways.

There is no middle way.

Everything else is pure.

You can receive your vitamins by consuming food that is abundant in vitamins, or you can take multivitamin supplements.

Both of these methods are fine, but both of these ways have some specifics to them.

It is all about the consumption of fruits and foods they’re abundant and vitamins, though what’s also quite important to know is when you oughta consume those specific foods.

Here’s a brief list of the essential products that you just cannot neglect to consume on a regular basis.

Those divided into foods, foods, and vegetables and that’s about it.

In order for you to loot your system with vitamin C, you have to consume fruits mainly.

However, you almost know when is the best time to eat fruits, as all those berries and citrus fruits are abundant in simple carbs.

Now I’ve already covered this topic and consumption of simple carbohydrates in this video.

It should appear somewhere around here, but in a word, you should consume foods and fruits that are abundant in simple carbs only in the early morning, unless you want to gain some access weight or paint your face with acne.

Personally, I’m of Slavic descent, so what I like to do I just penetrate baby lemon and I make a shot.

So that’s what basically should not happen.

Yeah, that’s, that’s like that’s how it happens.

Just squeeze it like it’s a, it’s a little baby girl you know.

You do it gently with, with a great passion and now that’s what you got a whole lemon cello, but not really.

Now vegetables contain a bit more diverse group of vitamins in them when compared to fruits.

The gamete runs from vitamin A and vitamin C to vitamin K, environment E and so forth.

Now to receive all those vitamins I’ve just told you about, you should consume carrots, sweet potatoes, winter squash spinach, dark leafy greens like kale mustard greens, and so forth.

This list can go on and on.

Now, when it comes to vegetables, a perfect timing doesn’t really matter.

It is the state of vegetables you should take into account with a few exceptions like potatoes, for instance.

The thing is that vegetables will deliver all the nutrients and minerals they are abundant with, only in case if you consume they’re raw and fresh.

And I know that you like those grilled tomatoes and steamed broccoli, but if you want to live a healthier life, then you would have to give something up.

In this particular case, it is the taste aspect of it, which you’d have to give up.

So I actually conducted a social survey of the grocery chain, interviewed over 200 people here in the New York metropolitan area.

And I jumped at a conclusion that most people do not know that meat and meat products have something else in them besides protein and fat.

And yeah, if truth be told, need and animal products have a shit-ton of minerals and vitamins in them.

By way of example, meat, poultry, fish, seafood, eggs, milk, all of these products are abundant in vitamin b6, b12 and vitamin D.

As it is with fruits, meats do have their time in regulations.

Basically, in order for you to stay healthy, you should mainly stick to the consumption of white meat for a straightforward reason.

Red meat is quite more abundant in cholesterol and fat than the white one.

And it is much harder for our digestive systems to digest red meat than the white one, so you can consume red meats such as pork and beef twice a week tops.

And you ought to do it in the early morning to early afternoon.

Time gaps oolitic and summer digest before departing to the depth of this witness dreams.

Speaking of seafood and poultry, you can eat your fish and chicken basically any time of the day.

Now, how do vegans receive their b12 vitamin easy?

They take supplements and multivitamins.

Substantially, vegans, vegetarians, pescetarians, they like only one vitamin, which is only present in meat.

This vitamin is called vitamin b12.

For this particular reason, they’re forced to take b12 as a supplement.

Now the question is should you really take any supplement if you’re already meeting all the daily requirements by solely consuming the food?

My hands there will be no.

Why would you, if you’re ready meeting all the daily requirements?

Now my opinion on supplements lies in a word itself.

As I’ve already stated in one of my videos, there is a reason why supplements are titled supplements.

They supplement, they do not substitute.

You should only take supplements if you absolutely have to.

For instance, you know that, by any reason, you cannot eat all the foods in order to load your body with vitamins, be it because you don’t have time with anything else, it doesn’t matter.

Then sure you should make a purchase of that jar of supplements and take it day in and day out.

Also, like it is with a vitamin D, which is also called so-called the Sun vitamin, we generally receive this vitamin when our bodies are exposed to the Sun.

But what happens if you live in Alaska or London and by any reason, you cannot eat enough shiitake mushrooms, drink milk or consume eggs as all those products are abundant in vitamin D?

Then you would be forced to take supplements as well, in order to not experience vitamin D deficiency anyways.

That’s about it.

Till the next time!

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