Privacy Policy


Our privacy policy provides a clear explanation of the processes used by this website to get personal information and how it’s used or disseminated for use.

This policy also gives an option to control the way personal data are gathered and put into use.

Besides, it enumerates the precautions we take to guarantee complete security and prevent any unauthorized access.

The services provided by our website come in a range of mediums, such as mobile apps and devices.

They aren’t limited to personalized content, educative content, news, communication and reference tools, sponsored content, and discussion boards.


Policy Changes


It’s worth mentioning that we reserve the right to amend the privacy policy.

In case of any major changes, all users will be informed of them in advance.

When it comes to minor changes, users either may or may not be informed of them.

Therefore, it’s your responsibility to update the privacy policy statement every time you visit this website.


Information We Collect


The data collected by our website fall into these basic categories:

Registered visitors: visitors need to provide their personal identifying data, including personal addresses, names, emails, and other details;

Unregistered visitors have an ability to access only limited information on this website, and they aren’t required to disclose their personal data or any details that can be used for their identification;

Outside sources: we can get information from the third parties, especially when it comes to any assistance to complete or offer the desired services.


Other Information Sources


Forms and Emails


To get your additional access to our website content, you may be required to provide additional data through online forms and emails.


Market Research


Your participation in non-sponsored and sponsored market scans or surveys is done by inviting you in emails, sites, and popup menus, and it provides the website with another way to collect information.


Discussion Boards


You reserve your right to the information appearing on discussion boards on this website because it’s a part of your personal profile.

If this information is private, it’s your responsibility to remove it because it’s considered to be public and can be shared with third-party entities.

Privacy of Children

Our priority is to guarantee that children are fully protected, and our goal is to provide significant information to be viewed by everyone.

However, if any information isn’t suitable for children, the access to it is limited to people who are over legal age limits.


Information Use and Disclosure


The given information is used only for its authorized uses based on this privacy policy.


Aggregate Data


This information is used in market research, product development activities, and analysis.

We can provide is to third parties in the way that doesn’t devolve your personally identifying data.

Third parties must agree with the procedures where personal data aren’t issued to them if they’re offered with any records.


Third Parties


Other companies that you may interact with when using this website;

Personnel and companies working on our behalf;

Market research: it leads to the collection and identification of personal data;

If we transfer services to other companies or websites, they’re legally bound to comply with our terms and conditions.


Legal Requirements


We can release the personally identifiable information that we collect only if it is:

In compliance with legal requirements in search warrants, laws, subpoenas, course orders, and others;

Given in response to accidents, reasonable threats, and other unfortunate events.

Your personal consent is always sought before sharing any sensitive data.


Information Security


We take all possible measures to guarantee the protection of any personal information that we collect on this website.




They all are instructed to keep personal data confidential and private.