The List of Vitamins and Minerals That Boost One’s Testosterone Levels
Vitamin C
Vitamin A
Vitamin B₆
Saw Palmetto
Tribulus Terrestris
Have You Gotten Any Supplementation, Yo?

Most likely, you presumably know in what manner anabolic steroids (1) tend to impact and affect an individual’s testosterone (2) and recovery.

In substance, anabolic steroids are known to boost one’s testosterone levels (3), increase the total amount of blood in one’s body by fifteen to seventeen percent, unnaturally speed up one’s full recovery, etcetera.

You also are probably aware of the fact that anabolic steroids increase all of the characteristics that I have just described above times over the average level and evenly speed up one’s healing, strength, and muscle building.

However, there are always two sides to the coin.

That is where the matter of side effects topic takes all the attention.

In all honesty, it does not really matter whether all you want is to be a natural bodybuilder, a healthy individual or a wild sex beast — there is a way to boost your testosterone levels safely without receiving any adverse consequences in return!

The main reason why I brought the matter of the usage of anabolic steroids as the main argument of this educational article lies in a fact that anabolic steroids are not the only androgens that can bring harm to an individual consuming them.

In other words, the vast majority of testosterone boosters (which do not fall into the same category as anabolic steroids forasmuch as such boosters are identified as dietary supplements, not as androgens) are also known to cause irreparable harm to one’s sexual function.

In this particular article, I am going to educate you about a number of alternative products that can help one boost his testosterone levels and improve overall sexual performance, at that.

“So, do all of the testosterone boosters bring harm to their consumers,” you might ask me.

Nope, not all of them — the primary purpose of this article is to teach you how to differentiate the good from the bad.

To be frank, the rule of differentiating the beneficial testosterone boosters from those that can harm an individual is rather simple — the production of one’s testosterone is quite a natural event by itself; hence, the process of boosting one’s testosterone levels ought to be natural as well.

You only need so much of testosterone in order to perform at your absolute best.

In other words, you are not a “sperm factory” that must fulfill a certain quota of production of the testosterone.

Indeed, there is no way an individual who chooses to stay all natty can get the results that some tend to get with the help of anabolic steroids and artificially-structured testosterone boosters; however, at least you can be sure that you are on the safe side, while you still are capable of building muscle and strength and increasing your libido at a significantly faster pace by means of adhering to the consumption of solely natural testosterone boosters.

The List of Vitamins and Minerals That Boost One’s Testosterone Levels

The List of Vitamins and Minerals That Boost One's Testosterone Levels

You and I are going to begin learning about natural testosterone boosters by initiating a discussion over vitamins and minerals that are required in order to maintain and support optimal health, let alone the fact that a few of them also have a positive effect on your anabolic hormone levels.

These include vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B₆, and Zinc.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is generally known as ascorbic acid (4) and L-ascorbic acid, which in its turn is a vitamin that is found in numerous foods and generally sold as a dietary supplement.

Vitamin C is commonly used in order to prevent and treat scurvy.

This vitamin is an essentially necessary nutrient that is involved in the reconstruction of tissue and the enzymatic production of some certain neurotransmitters (5).

Even though vitamin C mainly acts as an antioxidant (6), thereby promoting an individual’s health and his immune system, vitamin C is also responsible for the way pituitary gland reacts to hormone changes in one’s body.

In a similar way, Vitamin C is responsible for the formation of the essential steroid hormones in the adrenal gland, let alone this vitamin controls the stress hormone titled “cortisol (7).”

Over the course of numerous studies conducted on this matter, it has been revealed that large doses of vitamin C (about one to three grams) taken before an intense physical activity result in lowering the production of cortisol, which is the hormone that is known to reduce testosterone levels and affect immune system adversely.

Additionally, a number of studies have also revealed that a little amount of vitamin C tends to boost the levels of the aromatase (8) enzyme.

This enzyme transforms testosterone into estrogen in the male’s body.

Well, what are you waiting for?

Squeeze that slice of lemon into your glass of room-temperature water!

Vitamin A

In essence, vitamin A is a group of unsaturated nutritional organic compounds that includes retinol, retinal, retinoic acid, and several provitamins A carotenoids (9).

This particular vitamin has various functions.

At first, vitamin A is vitally essential for general growth and development.

Second, it is responsible for the support of the immune system and good vision, at that.

When it comes to the production of testosterone, vitamin A acts as a potent and natural testosterone booster.

Vitamin A is known to boost an individual’s testosterone levels by means of crossing the blood-testis barrier in its alcohol form known as retinol, where vitamin A is being initially stored in the Sertoli cells and subsequently converted as needed to its more biologically active form titled retinoic acid.

There were many studies conducted in regard to the way vitamin A affects one’s body, over the course of which it was revealed that higher vitamin A concentrations in the testes tend to enhance basal testosterone secretion and a family of growth factors including IGF-binding protein 4 (10) (which conveys IGF), androgen-binding protein (which is known to transport androgens), converting growth factor-beta (which in its turn produces cell growth but tends to suppress cancer), and steroidogenic regulatory protein (which in its turn is accountable for the transport of cholesterol into the mitochondria for its further conversion to steroids).

In a similar way, vitamin A also lowers the production of the primary female sex hormone (estrogen (11), or oestrogen).

Vitamin B₆

This vitamin belongs to a group of structurally similar compounds which can be interconverted in many biological systems.

Vitamin B₆ is component of the vitamin B group of essentially vital nutrients.

The active form of vitamin B₆, pyridoxal 5′-phosphate (12), serves as a coenzyme in some one hundred enzyme reactions in amino acid, glucose, and lipid metabolism (13).

This particular vitamin is quite essential for several functions in one’s body, including the production of testosterone.

By means of exciting the androgen receptors in an individual’s body, vitamin B₆ commands the testes to produce more testosterone.



Most likely, your chemistry teacher told you that zinc is a chemical element with symbol Zn and atomic number thirty back in your high-school days.

However, there is something else you need to know about zinc besides the fact that it is the first element in group twelve of the Mendeleev’s Periodic Table (14).

If you read the previous article that I wrote on how vitally important magnesium is for our bodies and general health, then here are some good news for you — in some respects, zinc is quite chemically similar to magnesium.

Indeed, numerous minerals have their influence on the way our bodies produce anabolic hormones; however, zinc is apparently the most significant and valuable one.

Many studies where healthy men participated had revealed that their testosterone had dramatically risen to ninety percent when zinc was supplemented to the lads.

Meanwhile, without sufficient amounts of this element, the testicular cells tend to lose their capacity of converting lipids.

For this particular reason, the concentration of androgen receptors decreases, and levels of aromatase in the liver are being inhibited.

Nevertheless, numerous studies imply that supplementation with zinc tends to increase testosterone only if an individual is already experiencing testosterone deficiency.

From here, an abundant supplementation with zinc can be poisonous, which in its turn can lead to the disruption of the absorption of iron.

Is there any way to replenish zinc levels naturally?

Yes, there is.

Merely try to consume products that are abundant in zinc.

In substance, there are plenty of zinc-rich products out there on the market.

The gamut runs from meat, shellfish, legumes, seeds, and nuts to dairy, eggs, whole grains, some vegetables, and dark chocolate.

Also, there are a few proven supplements that get the job done (you and I will get back to this topic in a few paragraphs below).

Now that we spoke about the vitamins and minerals that boost an individual’s testosterone levels let us discuss the herbs that are known to increase an individual’s testosterone levels dramatically.

Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto

Saw palmetto, which is commonly known as Serenoa repens, is the individual species that are currently classified in the genus Serenoa.

Saw palmetto is rather a small palm, which grows to a maximum height of around seven to ten feet.

Saw palmetto is endemic to the subtropical Southeastern region of the United States of America, most commonly along the south Atlantic and Gulf Coastal plains and sand hills.

This particular plant contains lipid and plant sterols, which in their turn can be identified as steroid-like compounds.

Saw palmetto is native to the states of Florida and Georgia and this plant is primarily used as a remedy for the enlarged prostate gland.

Serenoa repens operates by inhibiting the enzyme that transforms testosterone into DHT (15) (which is an abbreviation standing for dihydrotestosterone) and also blocks estrogen at its receptors, at that.

The numerous studies that were conducted on studying this matter discovered that saw palmetto might not directly influence plasma testosterone levels, but rather decrease the adverse effects of hormonal imbalance, such as acne, male pattern baldness, and prostate enlargement.

Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus Terrestris is a seasonal plant that originates from the caltrop family that is widely distributed all around the world.

Also, Tribulus Terrestris is also known as Bindii in some regions.

This plant is adapted to thrive in dry climate locations in which only a few other plants are capable of surviving.

Bindii is quite an invasive species in North America.

Generally speaking, Tribulus Terrestris is known as a very potent remedy for impotence.

This particular plant is capable of increasing the production of LH (which is an abbreviation standing for luteinizing hormone), in men.

Now, luteinizing hormone secretes from the pituitary gland and conveys instructions directly to the testes so that the latter ones begin naturally increasing an individual’s production of testosterone.

Numerous studies have shown that even if only seven hundred fifty milligrams of Tribulus Terrestris is taken on a daily basis, then its consumer is more likely to increase the free testosterone up to forty-one percent.



Now, fenugreek is a real natural testosterone booster!

Fenugreek is a seasonal plant that originates from the Fabaceae family, with leaves consisting of three small obovate to oblong leaflets.

This plant is mainly cultivated worldwide as a semiarid crop.

Fenugreek’s seeds and the leaves are quite common components in various dishes from South and Central Asia regions.

In essence, this herb is native to southern Europe and western Asia.

Speaking of its medical qualities, fenugreek is a herb that is fundamentally similar to Tribulus Terrestris.

There was one study conducted on this matter, in which a lot of thirty young males indicated that five hundred milligrams of fenugreek increased the total amount of testosterone by seven and twelve percent.

Indeed, such an increase is not a significant improvement; however, it also seems that fenugreek tends to hinder the conversion of testosterone to DHT (dihydrotestosterone, which is an endogenous androgen sex steroid and hormone) and estrogen.

Have You Gotten Any Supplementation, Yo?

You Gotten Any Supplementation

Even though one can take all these vitamins, minerals, and herbs individually, a significantly more useful answer would be a natural testosterone booster that carries a mix of all the test-increasing essences.

Do you remember that at the very beginning of this article I was talking sh**t about testosterone boosters?

Well, now it is the perfect time to tell you another side of the story  — the bright and optimizing one!

There are a lot of beneficial dietary supplements one can take; however, one must acquire a skill of differentiating the good from the bad.

What one has to watch for is the nutrition label on the back of the product and the amount of the components in the supplement.

The whole point is that one should not use any testosterone booster that contains solely chemical compounds in its structure.

“Well, the vast majority of the testosterone boosters are made of chemicals only,” you might state.

Even though it is somewhat correct, there is always an exception to the rule.

EroTonus is a natural testosterone booster that is truly capable of making the difference of significance in one’s life.

This dietary supplement consists of solely natural and plant-derived ingredients in its core structure, including some of the many components that I covered in this article, such as fenugreek extract (extracted from the seeds), Tribulus Terrestris, zinc (oxide), and so forth.

EroTonus is indeed the best natural testosterone booster supplement that actually works!

In the event, if I captured your attention, and you want to learn more about this testosterone booster that is designed for lads who know that they have the power within them and need a boost in order for them to get off the bench and back in their game, then read this in-depth review of EroTonus

To conclude a lecture, I would like to summarize the main points that were made in this article.

Some dietary supplements can be as dangerous as anabolic steroids.

Hence, the only way one can benefit from taking such supplements without bringing any harm to the wild and precious body of his is to adhere to the consumption of solely natural testosterone boosters on the healthcare market.

In all, that is all — see you next time!

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