Similar to women, men need to be updated on various issues such as health, education, business, economics, and others.

Frequent updates and top-level data are provided only by the most trusted periodicals existing nowadays.

Which ones are the most popular with males?

Check out the following list to find out:

  • GQ Magazine

    This periodical is ranked as the best provider of the most vital recommendations regarding men’s style, fitness, men health products, travel destinations and much more.

    You will also find the latest news from the sports and entertainment segment as well as recent updates from the world of politics;

  • Men’s Health Magazine

    As its name suggests, this is the most popular health magazine for men that represents a full-fledged guide on such issues as fitness, health, sports, and weight loss as well as proper dieting, sex, fashion, and much more;

  • The Rake

    This is a monthly edition of men’s luxury magazine on style and fashion as well as various other vital issues that are interesting for all men.

    It gives an in-depth insight into such questions as clothing and fashion, art and design as well as healthy food products, entertainment and other aspects of man’s life;

  • Maxim Magazine

    This is a world-famous edition that still remains popular with modern men as its content is aimed at not just entertaining the male readers but also surprising them with the latest news from various spheres of life.

In this way, men’s magazines are dedicated to those readers who are interested in different lifestyle aspects like health, fashion, entertainment and traveling among others.

The above-mentioned editions remain some of the most popular and tempting ones that the vast majority of modern males tend to read on a regular basis.

This proves that printed magazines are not yet outdated but still very popular with men.

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