The vast majority of all deaths among males in the US are largely explained by the health complaints expressed by men across the nation.

The top health issues for men in America include the following:

  • Heart disease

    This disorder is ranked as one of the major causes of death among males in America.

  • Cardiovascular disorders

    These are accountable for the largest number of deaths in America, especially among men.

  • Stroke

    This is yet another prevalent cause of death among US men.
    To prevent this disease, it is necessary to quit smoking, get rid of extra pounds and eat healthy foods.

  • Cancer

    Although it is equally prevalent among men and women, it tends to kill a vast number of men in America, which remains a problem of the US nation.

  • Diabetes

    This health problem is also prevalent among American men and may lead to severe consequences like heart disease and blindness if not tackled timely.

  • Respiratory Diseases

    These may start with insignificant “smoker’s cough” and develop into a life-threatening condition later on.

  • Pneumonia

    This disease is also popular among American men and may be provoked by the dysfunction of the immune system among other reasons.

  • HIV and AIDS

    These two hazardous conditions are most prevalent among African-Americans.

  • Alzheimer’s Disease

    is the tenth cause of death among American men aged over 60.

  • Chronic Kidney Condition

    It is estimated that millions of Americans suffer from this disorder, which makes it one of the leading health concerns of US males.

All these disorders are largely attributed to the unhealthy way of life, improper nutrition, lack of physical exercising as well as harmful habits like smoking and alcohol abuse.

A healthy lifestyle is the best way to prevent life-threatening health troubles.

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