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What is a definition of a general cleanse?

Is it all about having a detox drink every now and then?

Alternatively, maybe is it a procedure of fully detoxing one’s body by performing lemon water cleanse routinely?

To be frank, it does not really matter the way one puts it — in the latter end, it is all tautology, and these are actions we are solely interested in.

In this article, I am going to get you acquainted with the best vitamins and minerals along with general cleansing dietary supplements one ought to take in order to remove toxins (1) from his system.

Particularly, acute alcoholics and drug addicts might find this article quite useful for themselves for the withdrawals from drugs and alcohol (2) these individuals tend to experience might have very severe (and sometimes even painful) side effects depending on the length of the period of the degenerative and destructive lifestyle they used to follow.

Assuredly, various medications and remedies are often used throughout detox in order to help one deal with pain and withdrawal symptoms, yet the vast majority of people do not apprehend how beneficial both vitamins and minerals can be in this particular case scenario.

Vitamins, in their turn, are capable of helping your body eliminate toxins and restore the immune system, at that.

Not to mention, they can help one overcome the anxiety and restlessness, which are caused by withdrawal.

Additionally, as you may already know, both minerals and vitamins can also help compensate deficiencies that have been caused by repeated and abusive to the extreme drug use.

Please, do not have a fright, though!

Here is my comparison of vitamins and minerals vs. cleansing dietary supplements that are known to eliminate toxins and restore one’s whole system.

High-Potency Multivitamins

High-Potency Multivitamins

Indeed, the usage of drugs and consuming of alcohol result in depleting all the water-soluble vitamins in one’s body, particularly throughout the early stages of withdrawals.

From here, a multivitamins’ course is bound to help one restore low levels of vitamins that his body desperately needs.

What is more, the general deficiency of vitamins is somewhat responsible for much of the lethargy, the irritation of one’s skin, memory loss (ouch!) and the appearance of the symptoms which cause depression people tend to encounter in the early stages of detox and recovery.

In this case, scenario, making a purchase of a potent multivitamin ought to help optimize one’s body’s primary functions and help one feel like a “normal” human being.

However, there are some side-effects of taking the multivitamin dietary supplement.

Once you begin taking the supplement, you might notice that the color of your urine and feces has changed.

Most commonly, your urine is stained poisonous-green, and feces are turned to come out in “mate-black” finish (like when you use absorbent carbon when poisoned.)

Such a “paint game” may occur forasmuch as those supplements contain high-potency vitamins and minerals in their structure.

Usually, such products deliver up to eighteen vitamins and minerals, including one hundred percent (or even more than that) of one’s daily requirements for vitamins A (3), C (4), D (5), E (6), B6 (7), and B12 (8).

Sometimes, such dietary supplements are also packed with a significant number of other essential vitamins, minerals, and Amino Support Matrix, let alone they may have a Herbal Matrix that makes a genuinely complete formula in the latter end.

So, do not get a fright when you notice that the color of your excrements has changed — it is pretty typical for such high-potency supplements to impact one’s body this way as they contain a whole lot of various vitamins in their structure (it ain’t your ordinary Vitamin C pill.)

However, there are some restrictions when taking such supplement.

Multivitamins Tonus

First, such products are not intended for use by individuals under eighteen years old.

Second, both pregnant and nursing women ought not to use high-potency multivitamins supplements (women of childbearing age must limit daily intake of Vitamin A to 10,000 IU, excluding beta-carotene.)

Third, one should not take multivitamins while fasting (ah, poor you, you Ramadan-followers.)

Last but certainly not least, one should not take such supplements in case if he had a myocardial infarction (heart attack.)

Well, and of course it goes without saying that in case if one begins to notice a rash of his skin or appearance of any other allergic reaction, then he must discontinue use of such supplement and contact a medical doctor in an instant.

Body Cleansing Dietary Supplements

Body Cleansing Dietary Supplements

Now, it is time to discuss body cleansing supplements.

This niche is relatively newborn; however, this does not mean that this product is not effective.

On the contrary, as the person who takes both of these products, I can honestly state that I would give more preference to the product that specializes in the general cleansing of one’s body without any hesitation and doubt!

The main reason I give more preference to this before-mentioned supplement is that it merely works much better when it comes to eliminating toxins from my body.

Taking this supplement is like receiving a full body detox procedure.

The dietary supplement product I am talking about is titled CleanTonus.

This product is not your average dietary supplement for it consists of one 100% natural ingredients, which defines it so much from all the other cleansing supplements on the market.

Now, I will tell you what I personally experienced while taking this cleansing supplement.

At first, I faced the overall moderate cleanse of my own body from a substantial amount of waste, which has built up throughout long-term and careless attitude I gave to my own body.

As a consequence, I felt like I literally became exempted from all the waste that in its turn would have resulted in harmful bacteria and toxins in my body if I had not taken care of it beforehand.

Second, I felt that by taking CleanTonus (9) I promoted my weight loss and eased illness and bloating.

Before I began taking this supplement, my weight was two hundred twenty-one pounds, and in three months I weighted one hundred eighty-seven pounds, which means that I lost thirty-four pounds in just three single months.

Also, I felt as this dietary supplement has improved my digestion system, thereby increasing the absorption of nutrients from the food I ate during the time of cleansing.

What is really worthy of being mentioned, is that there are no side-effects when one takes CleanTonus when compared to various high-potency multivitamin supplements.

This is because CleanTonus uses solely natural ingredients in its formula, which I am going to talk about below.

Here’s the short list of the most essential components CleanTonus has in its structure:

  1. Aloe Vera Gel (leaf)
  2. Cascara Sagrada Bark
  3. Flaxseed Powder
  4. Lactobacillus acidophilus
  5. Licorice Root
  6. Medium Chain Triglycerides Oil
  7. Psyllium Husk Powder
  8. Senna Leaf

Have you noticed that there was no single chemical in the structure of this supplement?

Yeah, that is exactly what I was talking about.

Uh-oh! I have completely forgotten to tell you about the prompt delivery the company provides you with.

Yeah, CleanTonus does not fail you even in this matter.

If I were a founder of this company, then the instantaneous delivery of this supplement would be one of the aspects I would be immensely proud of.

So, as I placed my order, I received this product the very next day.

The very next day, Carl!

What is more, from what I know, they also ship worldwide.

Also, their instant customer service is something I can talk about for the whole eternity.

When I had a few questions regarding delivery options for my region, I decided to contact their customer service, and I was taken care off immediately.

In the event, if my personal story about this product interested you enough and you want to learn more about it, then I am going to forward you to this website, where you can read more about this dietary body cleansing supplement.

To summarize, you and I have just covered a critically important topic — we should be proud of ourselves!

It is never too late to start taking good care of yourself.

Well, lads and lasses, what are you waiting for, huh?

Be in your own quest of cleansing your body — remove toxins from feet, brain, skin, hair, and your mind as well!

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