Copyright and DMCA Policy


Our company provides a range of online health solutions that attract many healthcare providers and consumers.

The main mission is connecting health-conscious consumers with the leading healthcare brands.

The information provided includes product data and specifications, reviews, health concerns, and topics, buying guides and personalized recommendations.

It remains displayed transparently.


Web Principles and Values


All the images are licensed and owned by contributors, and the rights on them are protected by international copyright laws. We never change or manipulate the content of images.

We use authoritative sources for graphics and create works just from what is known.

We never estimate, alter data, project, or surmise in graphics.

We create charts at correct visual perspectives to provide the most accurate data representation to the audience.

We never use racial epithets, obscenities, vulgarities, or another offensive language.
All the writers use only 100% original content and phrasing. We never plagiarize or take the works of other people to pass it as our own.


Copyright Policy


We respect other people’s intellectual property rights, and our top priority is to respond to the claims that the posted content infringes copyright or other similar laws of anyone.

We also respect the complaints and legitimate copyrights of all foreign entities.

If you’re a copyright owner or you’re authorized on his or her behalf, and you have enough reasoning to suspect that the copyrighted work is plagiarized or copied in any way that leads to copyright infringement, you need to submit a notice in writing and include its detailed description.

You can be held accountable for any damage such as legal fees and other expenses if you misrepresent this information.


DMCA Policy


Our site operates in compliance with the DMCA, or the digital millennium copyright act.

It was passed to protect the interests of copyright owners on their digital space.

We have competent copyright lawyers in our team, and they specialize in the DMCA, thus, enabling us to have its clear understanding.

We have a full responsibility to reply to all infringement actions and relevant notices.

We’re also responsible for taking proper actions directed under the DMCA.

It’s inclusive of other rights related to the laws governing all kinds of intellectual properties.

If you believe that your original and personal content is visible on this website, links to it are connected to your original material or web page, especially via search engines, and you want to remove or disconnect them, you need to provide your written notice and indicate supporting information.

It’s worth mentioning that you’ll be held liable or responsible for any damage if you misrepresent information when stating that your intellectual property rights are infringed.

We strongly advise you to seek legal assistance before taking any action of this kind.


Details to Include in Your Infringement Claim


There are specific details that should be included in your written infringement claim about any copyrighted work:

Provision of evidence to identify the individual authorized to act on behalf of an infringed person or the owner;

Provision of contact information, including email and the address;

Detailed description of the infringed information or copyrighted work;

The issued statement proving that the complainant is in a good faith and believes that the way original content is used isn’t authorized by its owner and that intellectual property rights are infringed;

The issued statement that the data in infringement notices are 100% complete and accurate;
Permission for the complainant to act under perjury or penalty on behalf of the owner whose rights were infringed;

The statement must include a signature of the person chosen to act on behalf of the owner whose copyright was infringed.

The website responds to all DMCA complaints fast and in strict accordance with the law.