Brain Health

In essence, the brain of yours is the most fundamentally important organ of your body, and there is no argument about it whatsoever.

Merely try to think of your brain like it is a processor for your Mac or your vehicle’s engine—it is the most vitally important part in the system, which consumes energy the most.

And as it usually tends to happen with the most active parts/elements, the function they perform is quite complex, and therefore they require more resources.

Now, it is scientifically proven that the human brain consumes more energy than any other organ in the human body.

Just to give you a more clear idea on the power of the human brain—even at rest, the human brain consumes twenty percent of the body’s energy given the fact that it accounts for less than two percent of an individual’s weight.

Our brain health category was created so that you can learn more about how to stay in control of your own brain.

Just picture this scene, sometimes it just so happens that when you wake up, you have this sensation “that you’re feeling it.”

While being in this “feeling it” kind of state, one is truly capable of astounding the world with significant events.

He is ready to face all the challenges the world has prepared for him with the only one intention—he must emerge victoriously.

On the other hand, in most cases, the vast majority of us wake up with quite a shitty mood spiced with headaches (or even migraines), disbalance in our sensations and motor skills, and so forth—this state is called “Ugh, I am out of it today.”

Now, the primary goal of Tonus Journal is to help you stay more in “feeling it” state of mind rather than in “out of it” one.

To my greatest regret, the overwhelming majority of people merely lack the knowledge of how they can increase their brain power naturally without receiving any adverse or even severe effects in return.

What is even more upsetting, is that not only most individuals do not know what they can do in order for them to increase their brain power, they are also incredibly ignorant when it comes to a matter of maintaining the precious brain health of theirs in the first place.

For this particular reason, we created this category here at Tonus Journal so that our visitors can acquire a comprehensive understanding concerning their brain health.

There is a whole lot of information that you must learn before you get on top of your game; however, you should not worry any further as in this brain health category we have already sorted everything out for you.

In order for you to perform at your absolute best day-in and day-out, you ought to learn about what supplements you should take, what diet to follow, how to exercise your brain, and so forth.

The gamut of topics of the articles we post in this section of Tonus Journal runs from various brain-boosting pills, games that help one to increase the brain power of his, and natural dietary supplements to top tips of how one can improve his brain power, brain-healthy routines, nutrition for brain health, etcetera.

By way of example, have you known that both fruits and nuts are considered to be one of the best foods for brain health and memory?

I bet you have not.

Well, here is the thing—the good news is that everything that you mostly need to boost your brain power initially and maintain it subsequently is combined altogether in this particular section of our source.

So, make yourself a hot cup of green tea, serve yourself that Italian biscuit, and get ready to absorb all the useful information we provided you with.