To my greatest regret, nowadays the overwhelming majority of people tend to have a very disadvantageous tendency—they suffer from the brain fog day-in and day-out.

For these individuals, the continuous and endless struggle to focus and concentrate, memorize information and even hold an ordinary conversation is astonishingly frustrating.

However, there are a lot of those who have succeeded in overcoming brain fog condition.

I have done some in-depth research over this matter with an intention to help those who suffer from brain fog to defeat this adverse condition.

Over the course of my research, I kept stumbling on a promising number of promising information, and therefore I increased my own understanding of this particular matter.

In this very article, I plan to share the top 11 strategies to blast brain fog once and for all, thereby making it possible for you to reclaim your own brain back!

If you take your time to master initially and apply the strategies I am going to provide you with subsequently, then over time you are going to begin noticing that the brain fog of yours will begin to disappear.

Another great thing concerning these strategies is the benefits of increased energy, heightened mood, and the overall boost of energy that come along with implementing these strategies into your life!

Brain Fog Causes

Brain Fog Causes
Before you and I begin getting deeper into the strategies that will help you overcome the brain fog, it is essential first to discuss the two fundamental brain fog causes.

Even though there could be numerous circumstances involved, I have marked two fundamental culprits that appear to be causing most of the problems that are related to brain fog symptoms to occur.

These are the blood sugar imbalance and poor circulation I am talking about.

Now, let us talk about them one by one.

Brain Fog Causes: Blood Sugar Imbalance

Brain Fog Causes: Poor Circulation
In essence, almost everybody is vulnerable to blood sugar intolerance.

Some souls tend to believe that one does not get blood sugar imbalance until he reaches an unfortunate state of either prediabetes or insulin resistance; however, as it turns out, it is chronic blood sugar imbalances that can genuinely lead an individual’s body towards such adverse conditions.

Substantially, our modern society is rampantly reliant on sugar and processed foods as dietary staples.

The whole dilemma about this all lies in a fact that with this is that fast-digesting sugars are capable of merely sending blood sugar on a rollercoaster.

Also, with spikes in blood sugar also come spikes in both insulins (which is a peptide hormone that is produced by beta cells of the pancreatic islets.

Insulin is considered to be the primary anabolic hormone (1) of the body) and dopamine (2) (it can treat symptoms of shock by improving blood flow).

Having a bad habit of consuming foods that are known to cause these spikes can lead to extensive inflammation in an individual’s brain, neurotransmitter imbalance (3), and even cortisol dysregulation (4), at that.

By means of learning how to take back control of your own blood sugar imbalances, you will undoubtedly see quite incredible advancements in the way you feel both physically and mentally!

Brain Fog Causes: Poor Circulation

Brain Fog Causes: Poor Circulation
Substantially, one’s brain is the most essential and mighty yet delicate organ.

Uncommonly orchestrating an unimaginable number of processes that happen in an individual’s body all at once and even without him having to control them consciously.

There are several ways inadequate circulation can inhibit an individual’s brain function, thereby resulting in causing “foggy thinking.”

Generally speaking, an individual’s brain requires massive amounts of energy so that it can function at its absolute best.

The overwhelming majority of people merely are not aware of the fact that the brain consumes around twenty percent of one’s whole body’s total energy at any given moment.

To produce such energy, an individual’s cells demand sufficient amounts of nutrients (5) and oxygen (6).

In case if one’s brain is not receiving sufficient blood circulation, then this organ will be stripped of energy down the road.

Also, the brain tends to rely on a healthy circulation of blood and cerebrospinal fluid (8) in order to ensure that metabolic waste is appropriately removed.

Because of the mitochondria (which is energy-producing structures in cells) in one’s brain are so susceptible to damage, that proper clearing of waste products is unquestionably necessary in order to prevent and fix brain fog.

Fortunately for you all, I outlined some of the best strategies below in order to keep your brain’s fluids moving to keep you fresh and focused all the time.

Top 4 Strategies to Blast Brain Fog Once and for All

Strategies to Blast Brain Fog Once and for All
Now that I have addressed the two major brain fog causes that result in stealing the brain power of yours, these simple strategies can be implemented so that you can blast your brain fog once and for all.

Merely just begin by picking one of the strategies I provided you with and observe how different you begin to feel.

Once you discover something you like, play around and combine those strategies.

Before you know it, you will have gotten your brain back!

Drink Water With Vitamin C

Drink Water With Vitamin C
A habit of drinking water with lemon or lime is an important strategy that challenges brain fog.
In other words, stick to proper hydration in order to think clearly over the course of any given day.

Hydrating well is capable of helping to control sugar cravings, balance blood sugar, and increase healthy circulation.

This particular strategy goes a step further forasmuch as the unique benefits of lemon and lime juice are just merely astounding.

The vitamin C that is abundant in citrus is contained within various fruits (predominantly in lemons and limes) have been shown to help protect the brain from damage while also helping to regulate capillary permeability. Now, capillaries are where both nutrients and oxygen are released from the blood right into one’s brain.

Another great benefit of vitamin C water is that it provides electrolytes for proper electrical conductibility of an individual’s cells.

An individual’s brain communicates with itself and the rest of the body through electrical signals and requires sufficient amounts of electrolytes to do so.

Essential Oils

Essential Oils for Brain
The second strategy to blast brain fog is all about the usage of essential oils.

This strategy can be easily implemented, and it is a quick and handy but yet powerful tool to blast an individual’s brain fog when one needs immediate relief quickly.

Merely begin spreading certain essential oils and then breath them in.

As a result, such a procedure will help you open up your air passages, thereby dilating your blood vessels (9) in the sinuses, which in its turn will allow more oxygen to get up into your brain.

All along providing both anti-stress and anti-oxidant advantages at the same time.

The most time-tested oil for this purpose is peppermint oil.

Simply take a nice deep inhalation of some good peppermint oil, and you can feel the stimulation almost instantly.

There was one study conducted on this matter, over the course of which it was discovered that when one inhales essential oils, then he is more likely to enhance various aspects of attention and memory of his.

Also, there is a whole lot of other great oils to try, such as eucalyptus, rosemary, balsam fir, citrus, and so forth—this list can go on and on.

In case if you want to fall into the depth of your sweetest dreams, then lavender oil ought to be your go-to choice as it can provide nighttime brain support and relaxation.

Blast Off with your Movements!

Blast Off with your Movements!
Another fast and straightforward way one can approach both factors of brain fog is to perform a quick burst of high-intensity movement whenever one begins feeling mentally slow.

It does not mean that one has to perform a full workout every time he feels brain fog.
As a matter of fact, all one needs is about twenty to thirty seconds of movement in order to enhance blood flow to his brain!

This strategy is particularly effective for those of us who tend to spend much of our day sitting at a table.

The thing is that when we stop moving for long periods, then our blood flow becomes stagnant and we are likely to notice hampered brain function.

Personally, some of my favorite all-time favorite quick exercises that boost brain function are running in place, pumping my arms overhead, performing some basic air squats, and standing twists.

Additionally, one could try some SuperBrain Yoga!

This movement is incredibly practical and has even been shown to enhance one’s mood and academic performance when performed on a daily basis.

Take Brain-Boosting Supplements

Take Brain-Boosting Supplements
This is the final brain fog-defeating strategy that I am going to share with you today.

If you want to give your brain some extra support, then making a decision of making a purchase of a potent dietary brain-boosting supplement will undoubtedly come in handy.

However, be aware that some potent products can actually make the whole situation much worse forasmuch as these supplements I am talking about are known to contain quite harmful components in their structure.

A smart decision in this particular case would be to buy a product that contains solely natural ingredients in the core structure of its product.

BrainTonus is an entirely natural dietary brain-boosting supplement that has just recently begun making a difference of significance on the healthcare market.

You can read more about BrainTonus

The Bottom Line

Now that you know top 4 strategies to blast brain fog once and for all, I expect nothing less from you than to follow these strategies I have provided you with so that you can live your life like a happy human.

There is no such thing as being too cautious and too meticulous in regard to one’s own health, remember this by heart.

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