Prevagen Review

Obtained from a certain type of glowing jellyfish, Apoaequorin is an effective and ultimately useful protein.

If exposed to calcium, the ingredients start binding, producing blue light.

For many years, Apoaequorin has been used for investigation on how calcium works within the cell.

However, recently, it became available as a powerful dietary supplement more known as Prevagen.

Generally, Prevagen is an appreciated and effective remedy that enhances memory, boosts mental function and improved sleep quality.

Despite the beneficial impacts of the supplement have been recently discovered, it gained exceptional popularity due to its impact on the brain and its functioning.

Calcium deficiency is a serious health disorder that affects the human brain and aggravates as the patient ages.

Apoaequorin features a similar structure if compared to human calcium-binding proteins, so much research claims that the supplement can be effective for balancing calcium-related processes in the human brain, preventing mental decline and eliminating mental loss.

Learn detailed information about the dietary supplement, its functions, specifications, mechanism of action, contraindications, precautions, and potential side effects.

Following the safety recommendations and intake directions will help you achieve the maximal effect with minimal risks.

Contact your medical specialist in case you want to avoid health abnormalities caused by Prevagen misuse or overdose.

What Is Prevagen?

What Is Prevagen
While the modern market is filled with various memory and brain supplements, Prevagen is considered to be one of the top-selling and most demanded ones.

Following the results of numerous investigations, its active component has a favorable influence on memory functioning, especially in patients suffering from mild cognitive decline.

However, a patient should not confuse Prevagen with any prescription cognitive drugs recommended by a doctor as part of the treatment course.

As a dietary supplement, Prevagen promotes a significant influence on the human brain and memory.

The supplement claims to improve concentration, alertness, and memory, at the same time preventing memory loss.

Due to the powerful active ingredient, Apoaequorin, the drug can improve brain functioning.

The components of the remedy decrease abnormal calcium levels within the brain balancing the disorders with short-term memory.

Prevagen Ingredients and Way They Influence Human Body

Prevagen Ingredients and Way They Influence Human Body
The results of numerous medical researches prove the effectiveness of the supplement and its positive influence on several health problems.

While the enhanced level of calcium in brain cells is usually associated with aging and cell death, agents that help maintain these figures can be beneficial for preventing dementia and promoting brain health.

On the other hand, it is inevitable to consult a medical specialist before the beginning of the supplement use.

Apoaequorin has a chemical structure, which is likely broken down within the gut and before it reaches the brain.

Therefore, make sure your overall health condition will not be affected by the use of the memory-enhancing remedy.

Generally, the results of medical investigations show that Prevagen can be effective for the promotion of specific brain functions, especially;

  • Memory. According to the conclusions of numerous types of research, 10 mg of Prevagen a day may improve measures of the brain function, especially in older adults;
  • Mental functioning;
  • Quality of sleep;
  • Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis;
  • Other health disorders.

Prevagen Extra Strength: Safety Precautions, Recommendations, and Contraindications

Despite the official status of Prevagen as a dietary supplement, it is claimed to promote a significant influence on brain functioning, leading to a range of positive changes.

The regular intake of the remedy can enhance memory, boost the brain functioning and stimulate a range of related processes.

On the other hand, the powerful impact of the active components can trigger certain abnormalities or disorders if misused or overused.

Therefore, patients, who want to start the intake of the supplement, should discuss the course with the medical specialist.

It is recommended to consult a healthcare provider and follow all the precautions and contraindications.

Apoaequorin is an active ingredient of the drug, which launches the effects of the supplement, so patients who are allergic to it should never start the use of the medication.

Despite there isn’t enough information about the safety of the supplement for pregnant and breastfeeding women, it is better to avoid its intake during these periods of time.

Dosing is another point that should be taken into account.

An individually selected dosage predetermines the final results of the therapy.

Age, general health state, accompanying disorders, and other factors should be considered.

It is essential to remember that natural products are not always safe, so following intake directions is important.

Contact a healthcare specialist the moment you have noticed any abnormal symptoms triggered by the intake of this dietary supplement.

Prevagen Side Effects

Prevagen Side Effects
Apoaequorin is the main ingredient of the remedy, which is responsible for the achievement of the positive influences on the brain with minimal risks for the overall health condition.

Generally, the composition of the supplement is likely to be safe, when administered orally.

Following the intake recommendations and paying due attention to the list of precautions and contraindications will also increase your chances of successful therapy.

10 mg Prevagen has been approved as a safe dose that can be administered for 90 days.

No clinical research has evaluated the adverse reactions and abnormalities triggered by the use of the supplement.

Nevertheless, patients who have administered Prevagen for the improvement of brain health, have reported several mild to moderate disorders.

The most common ones include:

  • Dizziness;
  • Headache;
  • Nausea.

Less common disorders are:

  • Sleeping issues;
  • Anxiety;
  • Depression;
  • Memory impairments, etc.

Besides, several instances of more serious problems were reported:

  • Irregular heart rate;
  • Increased or decreased blood pressure;
  • Abnormal functioning of the central nervous system.

Despite these complications have occurred during the intake of the supplement, it doesn’t necessarily mean that Prevagen has caused them.

Anyway, striving to eliminate abnormalities and enhance the chances of safe intake of the supplement, a patient should take into account a few tips:

  • Contact your medical specialist. Make sure Prevagen is safe for your overall health state and will not interact with other ailments or disorders you have.
  • Ask the healthcare provider about an optimal dose, which will help you improve memory and other aspects of brain functioning without even potential complications.
  • Follow the recommendations in order to achieve the desired results and avoid side effects. Stop the remedy use and seek emergency medical assistance if its intake has resulted in any signs of allergic reactions or other abnormalities.

Benefits of Prevagen Use

Benefits of Prevagen Use
Prevagen is an effective supplement that is likely to promote a significant influence on mild health issues related to aging.

The medication is suitable for older adults, who are striving to improve general brain health and enhance short-term memory.

The results of clinical trials proved that properly used Prevagen can promote a range of advantageous impacts on the human organism.

The most common health benefits include:

  • Better cognitive function;
  • Decreased risk of dementia development;
  • Lower chances of cognitive decline;
  • Improved sleep and others.

Prevagen CVS and Similar Drugstores Offering the Medication

Prevagen CVS and Similar Drugstores Offering the Medication
The modern pharmaceutical market is filled with prescription and OTC drugs, herbal remedies and dietary supplements that influence this or that function of the body.

While the vast majority of the drugs, specifically prescription ones, are available only in specialized places, like pharmacies, many supplements can be purchased in regular stores or supermarkets, such as Walmart, CVS, and others.

Prevagen is classified as a dietary supplement, which means it doesn’t require any prescription.

However, it is essential for the patient to ensure the maximal safety of Prevagen use and minimal risk of side effects occurrence.

Prevagen Lawsuit

Prevagen is a dietary supplement produced by Quincy Bioscience of Madison.

The remedy is available in pharmacies across the nation. Currently, the Federal Trade Commission together with New York attorney general initiated a lawsuit against the company.

The reason is the claim made in Prevagen ad saying that the remedy was “clinically shown” to enhance people’s memory.

Such a claim was considered to be misleading but Federal District Court Judge Stanton from New York dismissed the lawsuit as the plaintiffs didn’t prove that the advertisement was misleading.

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