It is quite an unquestionable fact that all parts of our body tend to age.

Well, our brain, as the most important organ we have, does have a tendency of aging just as well!

Many scientists observed the natural deterioration of brain functions in older humans.

Regrettably enough, elders tend to lose their short-term memories, thereby progressively losing their executive functions, as the right frontal lobe suffers from losing gray matter and tends to get a little bit “mushy.”

Even without the frightening to the extreme Alzheimer’s disease (1), humans’ brains merely age; however, nowadays, neuroscience sheds light on the fact that now we are capable of delaying this whole process.

In some cases, we are even capable of reversing brain deterioration by engaging in some pretty specific activities, most of which we would refer to as hobbies.

In order to give you a comprehensive understanding of this particular matter, here is the list of 7 hobbies and activities particular to boost brain power of yours!

Do Some Deep Reading!

Do Some Deep Reading!
It matters now whether you are fond of old classics, such as Ernest Hemingway (2), Mark Twain (3), F. Scott (4)

Fitzgerald or prefer to read the New York Times magazine (5), numerous brain researchers state the fact the core concept of which lies in a fact that reading tends to enhance an individual’s brain function in various areas.

For instance, an act of reading is known to stimulate the growth of new neural pathways as the reader absorbs new information.

Second, reading itself flexes those parts of the brain that tend to deal with problem-solving, seeing patterns, and interpreting what other individuals are saying to us about the precious feelings of theirs.

Third, an act of reading also tends to improve an individual’s memory forasmuch as it relies on former learning (more neural connections) and exercises parts of the brain that “enable” imagination.

Some pieces of research also point to speedreading as a method to increase synapses, (which in its turn is electrical connections between regions of an individual’s brain) considering the fact that the brain must process sensory information in an instant.

Last but certainly not the least, speedreading by itself is quite a valuable skill to have in one’s arsenal.

Sit down on That Mat and Unwind

An act of meditation is no longer something that can be referred to as a ritual that Hindu and

Buddhist monks tend to engage in.

In essence, many pieces of research prove that meditation is pretty beneficial for maintaining one’s good health and well being in general.

At first, meditation allows better control of an individual’s thinking when compared to his state when he is not in a meditative state of mind.

Also, meditation and yoga promote better focus, improves attention, and enhances both short-term and long-term memory.

As a matter of fact, it has been proven by numerous studies that many students who meditate on a regular basis do much better on tests, and adults who engage into regular meditation have a much better memory.

In substance, meditation tends to increase an individual’s gray matter in areas of the brain that tend to control both learning and memory.

Speaking of senior citizens, it has been proven that meditating elders tend to keep more gray matter than those who do not.

Further to this, for students with behavior problems in schools, it has been confirmed that meditation improved their behavior and school attendance inasmuch as it decreases both stress and anxiety.

In general, it appears that meditation is an excellent thing for all ages.

Play That Guitar!

Play That Guitar!
Over the course of recent time, many neuroscientists have conducted a number of researches on the matter of many benefits of music instruction for children relative in order to improve the latter’s cognitive functions, such as memory, problem-solving, sequential processing, and pattern recognition.

Now, playing a musical instrument (one’s voice is also can be considered an instrument), tends to increase one’s gray matter volume, let alone it makes neural connections between the two hemispheres of an individual’s brain.

For this particular reason, the overwhelming majority of scientists believe that early musical training tends to allow students to be better at solving algorithms and different equations (linear math work) and mathematical and do a better job at modeling, optimization, and problem research (problem-solving).

Inherently, playing a musical instrument tends to ensure both sides of the brain work together much better.

Presently, the vast majority of scientists tell us that taking up a musical instrument as an adult, young, middle-aged, or older is capable of producing the same neurological effects as it does in children.

Pick a New Language to Learn

Pick a New Language to Learn
There are four areas of the brain that are used as we take in sound, give it a meaning, and then respond to it.

Many pieces of research show that bilingual people have more gray matter in their language centers of the brain.

In essence, bilingual people can focus on more than one task at a time forasmuch as parts of their brains that relate to reasoning, planning, and memory are usually more developed when compared to those individuals who speak only one language fluently.

Initially, scientists began to examine this particular matter in children first, examining those in whose families a foreign tongue was spoken, but in whose schools only English language was spoken primarily.

Substantially, being forced to take in sounds from two different languages and figure out which language that was being heard forced these areas of the brain into greater functioning.

Presently, it is a well-known fact that learning a language at any stage in an individual’s life has the same forceful effect on one’s brain making it smarter.

Exercise Regularly

Exercise Regularly
Here is what the science tells us about working out and its linked benefit to the overall development of an individual’s brain function.

In general, exercise produces a protein titled BDNF (6) in an individual’s bloodstream.

During an intense workout, the blood travels through one’s brain, cells absorb the taken protein, which in its turn is responsible for both memory and focus functions.

There was a well-known experiment conducted on this matter, where a photo memory test given to both experimental and control groups.

So, the experimental group practiced exercising beforehand taking the test, while the control group did not engage in such practice.

Over the course of this experiment, the investigators observed that the experimental group’s test results were much better when compared to those of the other lot.

Members from the experimental group were able to focus on the photos and then even recall them after a long period of waiting.

Exercise Your Brain with Puzzles and Games

Exercise Your Brain with Puzzles and Games
In order to achieve perfection, you ought to think of your brain as it is both a computer and the muscle (the most important muscle of yours, to be frank).

Hence, if you can work your biceps, triceps, and quadriceps out, then why would not you want to work your brain out in order to see the great results in progression, huh?

The more information you feed to your brain, the more functions it can perform being at its absolute best!

To put it another way, the more an individual exercises his brain, the healthier and more active it becomes.

There is even a specific term titled “brain plasticity” that is primarily used to suggest to the continually new connections that are made when individuals acquire new information, engage in thinking, and force themselves to remember different things.

Additionally, crossword puzzles, various deductive thinking activities, and numerous strategic games, such as chess or even some video games, tend to force an individual’s brain that engages in such activities I have just listed above to receive new information and make new connections.

Do Not Hesitate to Take Dietary Supplements

Do Not Hesitate to Take Dietary Supplements
Fortunately for you, you live in a century you can take the most from, from the healthcare point of view.

As for now, there are plenty of manufacturers and monopolist companies that produce various brain-boosting dietary supplements.

However, as it shows over time, it never hurts to give a shot to brands that do not have as much hype forasmuch as in most cases such brands tend to manufacture products of astounding quality at quite an affordable pricing since they merely want to acquire a loyal customer base.

Here is an example of one supplement that, in my opinion, you should definitely consider trying out.

This particular dietary brain-boosting supplement I am talking about is titled Brain Tonus (7).

The definite advantage of this dietary supplement over other products on the market is that it consists of solely natural ingredients in its core structure.

Remember, more artificially-structured and potent does not necessarily mean more efficient.
If you want to learn more about this particular supplement, the feel free to check this article out:

Let Us Conclude

By now you should already know everything about the 7 hobbies and activities particular to boost brain power of yours.

In my view, that is how your day ought to begin:

  • 1. Morning exercise—done!

  • 2. Deep reading—done!

  • 3. Yoga & meditation—done!

  • 4. A practice of a foreign language—hecho!

  • 5. Learning to play your favorite song—done!

  • 6. Playing some games that promote one’s brain power—done!

  • 7. Maintain and further advance a precious brain power of yours by means of taking a dietary supplement on a regular basis—done!

See, it is not all that difficult to maintain good brain health once you know all the information.

Well, what are you waiting for—get right to it!

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