Mr. Olimpia for Brains: How to Prepare?
Do Not Let Your Phone Make Your Brain Lazy
Keep Your Brain Entertained
Learn How to Surprise Your Brain
Never Stop Learning
Work on Your Memorization Skills
Reach That B-Flat
Delete the Calculator App from Your Phone

You know, your biceps, triceps, and quadriceps are not the only muscles you can work out.

Our brain is the most resource-intensive organ in our body, which undoubtedly is capable of improvement.
How does one improve his brain, you may ask me?

You train it as if it is any other part of your body which you can work out regularly.

The only difference is that training of one’s brain is going to have a highly distinguishable concept.

Mr. Olimpia for Brains: How to Prepare?

Mr. Olimpia for Brains

Your brain, same as any muscle in your body, is bound to atrophy when not regularly exercised.

What you need to do is to begin thinking of your brain as if it is a muscle.

To bring some clarity, let’s draw a parallel between training one’s brain and working one’s muscles out.

What does it take for one to succeed in any field of activity?

All that it takes is for one to be motivated, dedicated, and to do all the exercising routinely.

That is when an ordinary bodybuilder combines gaining muscle through the pain with a good regime and a healthy diet, then he is more likely to see the results just around the corner.

The same goes for those, who want to “bodybuild” their brains: all it takes to improve one’s brain is to apply oneself all the way.

The only difference is that instead of weight-lifting and cardio exercises, one would have to perform particular exercises, which stimulate brain activity by playing different games, giving one’s brain some specific challenges, and so forth.

Do Not Let Your Phone Make Your Brain Lazy

Phone Make Your Brain Lazy

Nowadays, the excessive use of technology can eventually lead to the fact that your brain will become quite a useless tool.

Unfortunately, despite all the undeniable positive nuances which have shown that the technology benefits one, it also can affect one’s brain in quite a negative way.

The point is that people tend to rely on technology way too much, which in turn facilitates the work of our brain, thereby atrophying it.

For instance, instead of training one’s brain to remember and navigate in different locations, an individual is more likely to merely launch a Google Maps application and find his way out.

Interestingly, when such a navigational app begins to lag, the vast majority of people tend to feel like a bunch of wholly lost puppies.

The same goes for the apps which can calculate numbers, convert currencies, remind you of upcoming events, etcetera.
All of listed above undoubtedly helps one to stay organized, but at the same time, it makes one extremely dependable on the device.

What is the solution?

Well, it is quite simple.

In this case, saying “everything is good in moderation” ought to be your motto for life.

Do not depend on technology entirely: learn the multiplication table and use the calculating app only when the large numbers come up.

Similarly, when you use your navigation app, try to navigate yourself by looking at signs and remembering the location of the streets and intersections.

Use the app only when you feel that you missed that particular turn and are now entirely lost.

At first, it might feel very uncomfortable, but with time your brain will adapt.

Moreover, this adaptation will undoubtedly be beneficial for you.

Keep Your Brain Entertained

Keep Your Brain Entertained

In this paragraph, we are going to keep talking about the use of devices and their influence on one’s brain.
However, the primary focus is going to be different.

If you unlock your phone at this particular moment and check the number of entertainment applications you have, then how many of these are designed to both entertain and train your brain?

I bet that there will be zero of the latter ones.

There is a significant number of various applications, which are designed to train your cognitive skills, such as crosswords, word-recall games, Tetris, and so forth.

It is quite an ingenious and fun solution when one is engaged in playing different games, which are created to boost his memory effectively.

That is the exact way of how one can combine the pleasant with the useful.

Learn How to Surprise Your Brain

Surprise Your Brain

Another quite useful way to train one’s brain is to give it a challenge.

For instance, instead of walking the same road from your train station to the house try taking a different path.
Alternatively, use a different hand to brush your teeth.

It does not matter what you do.

The bottom line is that you can turn any daily activity into a surprisingly new routine for your brain.

Never Stop Learning

Never Stop Learning

Learning is the real-world brain exercise that works.

Besides sticking to a healthy diet and exercising regularly, there are alternatives which can provide your brain with its workout routine.

The best way to perform efficient brain training is to adhere to the brain workout routine which involves real-world activities.

The core concept of all the brain exercises is to stimulate brain function by offering novelty and challenge.
Our brain performs its function by evoking associations.

For this reason, it is way easier to learn the lyrics of a song rather than memorize the same information without music.

Hence, it is better to involve as many senses as possible.

To start with, pick up your morning newspaper, go to the last page and play some Sudoku, any of the word games, or comic strips where you find objects that are distinct from one picture to the next.

Besides the word games, the following list of activities can improve one’s mental skills.

Work on Your Memorization Skills

Memorization Skills

Undoubtedly, having good memorization skills would never hurt.

Well, fortunately for you, this particular aspect always has room for improvement.

For instance, you can make a list of the items you need to get from your local grocery store, some errands you need to run, or anything else what is on your mind.

Then you have to memorize it.

Within a couple of hours, check on how many items you remembered.

The core idea of this concept is to make items on the list as challenging as possible to achieve the highest mental stimulation.

Reach That B-Flat

Reach That B-Flat

You do not need to go to a conservatory to learn music.

Merely try to learn how to play any musical instrument you like or join your neighborhood church choir.

There were many studies which revealed that when one learns something new and challenging over a specified period, then he is more likely to prevent a sudden age of his mind.



Delete the Calculator App from Your Phone

As I have already stated earlier, it is crucial to learn how to do the basic math (at least) in your head.
Try to learn how to solve problems without the aid of a pen, notebook, or laptop.

Also, try to combine doing the calculation exercises with random physical activity — count two plus two as you walk to your bus station, for instance.

Altogether, it is crucial to give one’s brain an intensive workout.

The gamut runs from studying a foreign language or cooking a meal to learning how to play the cello or multiplying even by odd numbers in one’s head.

Assuredly, I have not covered all the ways of how one can train his brain to improve his mental and cognitive skills.

The area of coming up with different brain exercises is quite flexible and is always open to suggestions.

Who knows, maybe I am going to read your top of different exercises one needs to try for a healthy brain.

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