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Good tidings to you all!

I have got one article I have been saving for quite a long period of time.

The main reason for this lies in the fact that it took me quite a while to acquire a comprehensive understanding of the matter of brain supplements as there is no way I would willingly provide you with unverified, nonlegitimate, and unsubstantiated information.

Indeed, it might seem as I act in quite a proactive way at this very moment, but in all essence, I merely care about your well-being.

My principal goal for writing this article is to get as deep as possible into the matter of proper brain functioning, let alone I also decided to put together a list of the best brain-boosting dietary supplements you can possibly find on a healthcare market.

Over the course of my searching journey, I stumbled upon a countless number of mediocre reviews and inadequate definitions of the problem; however, I also found some trustworthy and up-to-date information that I am going to share with you all today.

Proper Brain Functioning

Before you and I begin discussing and reviewing brain-boosting dietary supplements, let us get deeper into a matter of proper brain functioning.

Brain’s Function Explained

In substance, the functions of the brain as part of the CNS (1), which is an abbreviation standing for the Central Nervous System, is to control the majority of our body and mind purposes.

Essentially, the Central Nervous System includes a whole lot of essential functions.

The gamut runs from the breathing or heart rate, essential functions such as sleeping, consuming food, or sexual instinct to functions like reasoning, memorizing, thinking, communicating, and so forth.

In order for us to carry out any easily manageable task, our brain has to perform thousands of processes in order for it to guarantee that we are capable of completing the task properly.

From here, we can infer that proper brain function is the crucial aspect of a healthy life.

Cognitive Functions Explained

Now, here at Tonus Journal, we primarily concentrate on the overall improvement of cognitive functions.

Cognitive functions, in their turn, are the mental processes that allow humans to obtain, choose, store, transform, improve, and retrieve information that an individual received from his external stimuli.

In a word, this particular process allows an individual to understand and to relate to the world in a much more effective way.

Humans are continually using their brain functions as it is quite impossible to do anything productive without using at least some of our cognitive functions.

For this particular reason, it is vital to know how one can maintain a proper function of his precious brain—that is what you and I are going to talk about today.


Look, lads and lasses, it is the XXI century.

Fortunately for you all, there is a wide variety of dietary brain-boosting supplements that can help one maintain the precious brain power of his, by means of advancing an individual’s cognitive functions.

Today, you and I are going to directly contrast and compare Alpha Brain, OptiMind, and Prevagen dietary brain-boosting supplements.

Alpha Brain Supplement Review

Alpha Brain Review
Historically speaking, Alpha Brain dietary brain-boosting supplement was initially developed in the year 2010.

In essence, Alpha Brain is one of the most widely popular nootropics (here is the most straightforward definition of nootropics for ya.

In general, nootropics are drugs, supplements, and other substances that are capable of improving cognitive function, mainly executive functions, mindfulness, creativity, or motivation, in healthy individuals) that has grown in popularity over the past few years.

While Alpha Brain has been featured in numerous news media outlets, even including the Joe Rogan (2)

Experience, the nootropics community has often examined the efficacy of the drug for overall cognitive improvement.

In my Alpha Brain review, I genuinely hope to get you acquainted with Alpha Brain supplement so that you can determine whether or not this product is worthy of your further attention.

Generally speaking, similar to any nootropic composite, Alpha Brain is quite a useful tool that is capable of improving an individual’s cognitive abilities; however, this particular supplement is highly individualized.

Alpha Brain has three main ingredients (vinpocetine (3), huperzia serrata (4), and alpha GPC (5)) in its structure.

These ingredients are all synergistic for enhancing cholinergic functioning.

Also, these ingredients are especially useful for those individuals who lack choline-rich diets (such as a diet low in eggs, for instance).

The main reason I did not mention some of the ingredients in Alpha Brain supplement lies in a fact that the vast majority of the ingredients are not supplied in a high enough dosage (like bacopa monnieri, for example).

What is important to note, though, is that other ingredients are the recommended dose according to the big chunks of scientific literature (such as L-theanine (6)).

Indeed, some of the constituents have changed over time, yet Alpha Brain side effects seem to be relatively mild and rare, to say the least.

Alpha Brain’s side effects do depend on the individual, however.

Alpha Brain supplement is one of the few nootropics that actually has clinical trials.

There was a study conducted in the year 2015 by Boston University in the Journal of Human
Psychopharmacology over the course of which some significant findings were found in favor of Alpha Brain.

These findings include the following aspects:

  • 1. twelve percent verbal recall improvement when compared to placebo.
  • 2. twenty-one percent faster completion time (estimated by executive function assessment when compared to baseline).
  • 3. quite safe and tolerable as a placebo pill.

Ultimately, even though the costs might be prohibitive in the event if one purchases Alpha Brain, Onnit Labs (7) helps one to save his precious time by means of putting all the ingredients together for this very individual.

Alpha Brain Review: Does It Work?


Alpha Brain Review: Does It Work
The vast majority of the members in the nootropics community tend to consider “does this supplement work?” to be a fundamental question.

However, to be frank, it is not that easy to find a general answer to this particular question forasmuch as there is so much variation in each individual’s brain chemistry that it is pretty hard to state whether Alpha Brain will work or not.

The final result greatly varies depending on the individual.

Nevertheless, the Alpha Brain clinical trial provides general answers to this particular matter.

As it turned out, within the Boston University study, investigators discovered that Alpha Brain was twelve percent more effective than a placebo for verbal recall (memory), let alone mental processing speed has also increased by twenty-one percent when compared to baseline.

Merely try to imagine what your brain is capable of accomplishing with twelve percent better memory and mental processing.

Beyond memory and processing speed, a relatively recent study from the Alzheimer’s Association (8)

International Conference shed some light on an overall increase in alpha brain wave frequency via EEG tests (9), which is assumed to indicate a higher state of relaxation and concentration.

Alpha Brain Review: Helps Even More If One Is Unhealthy

Alpha Brain Review: Helps Even More If One Is Unhealthy
Alpha Brain is a potent nootropic.

As I have already stated in my earlier, nootropics are drugs and supplements that are capable of improving cognitive function in healthy individuals; however, Alpha Brain supplement is not your ordinary nootropic for it can help one even more if the individual is unhealthy.

By all means, Alpha Brain is bound to provide more of a cognitive advantage in those who do not engage in any healthful practices.

By way of example, an individual who adheres to a diet that is comprised of fruits (simple carbohydrates), large volumes of vegetables, healthy fats, and protein paired with sufficient sleep and active exercise have a lifestyle that is already healthy.

This (active) type of lifestyle might render some of the effects that are less intense or noticeable.

Now, let us discuss how some of the active components of Alpha Brain nootropic are capable of assisting one with a number of cognitive-related benefits.

Vitamin B6


Alpha Brain Vitamin B6
Unfortunately, many families in the United States simply do not consume enough vitamin B6.

As a matter of fact, about twenty to forty percent of the population is very deficient in this indispensable nutrient, which in its turn is responsible for memory and concentration through a number of pathways in an individual’s body.

For people who are deficient in vitamin B6, the Alpha Brain dosage of just ten milligrams of vitamin B6 will certainly help.


Alpha Brain L-Theanine
Virtually, Alpha Brain has received a storm of criticism for having lower than an effective dosage for this very nootropic compound.

With the L-theanine compound, there are two hundred milligrams, which is quite sufficient according to the scientific literature.

This dosage of L-theanine is capable of enhancing brain dopamine (in one’s brain, dopamine functions as a neurotransmitter, which is a chemical that is being released by neurons (nerve cells) in order to send signals to other nerve cells.

The brain includes numerous distinct dopamine pathways, one of which plays a significant part in the motivational component of reward-motivated behavior) and serotonin (chemical nerve cells produce.

Serotonin sends signals between an individual’s nerve cells.

This compound is primarily found essentially in the digestive system, although it can be also found in blood platelets and throughout the central nervous system).

There were numerous studies of EEGs (a test that is used to find problems related to electrical activity of the brain.

Electroencephalogram tracks and records brain wave patterns) through which it has been concluded that sufficient dosages of L-theanine alone are bound to advance alpha brain waves.

Cholinergic Function

Alpha Brain Cholinergic Function
It just so happened that our ancestors used to eat all parts of the animals that they killed with no exceptions.

Such illegible non-picky diet included the organ meats, such as liver, kidney, and so forth.

These organs are generally being avoided in the overwhelming majority of cuisines today; however, they are quite high in choline, which in its turn is the dietary precursor for a brain chemical titled acetylcholine.

As for now, many vegetarians and vegans are extremely deficient in choline inasmuch as they consume no eggs or dairy products where it is found.


This neurotransmitter is crucial for memory formation, and Alpha Brain dietary supplement is full of ingredients that are known to improve acetylcholine levels and function within an individual’s brain.

Alpha GPC

Alpha GPC Alpha Brain
This is one ingredient that is known to provide raw choline for one’s brain while huperzia serrata is an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor, which in its turn is known to prevent the brain neurotransmitter (10) from being corrupted and deteriorated.

This, in its turn, tends to impact memory development and advancement of general learning in addition to lucid dreams.

Speaking of the media, the Joe Rogan Experience and other media platforms reference Alpha Brain’s power for vivid and lucid dreaming.

Theoretically speaking, this particular mechanism is probably huperzine and alpha GPC.

Online research on this topic sheds some light on mixed degrees of success with some recounting horrifying nightmares at the hands of Alpha Brain.

Such experiences are most likely rare and unique based on the individual.

Is It All About Hype?

hype about alpha brain
As I have already described above, there are many ingredients with adequate dosages to promote an individual’s memory formation, the overall enhancement of concentration, and relaxation.

Nevertheless, there are ingredients that may be more hype (or are at least controversial within the Alpha Brain nootropic).

Bacopa monnieri is one of the most effective Ayurvedic composites and is still used in some Indian villages with children to this day.

Proof on bacopa monnieri is pretty legitimate forasmuch as there are so many people who take the drug and have done so for thousands of years.

Some pieces of evidence imply that bacopa significantly tends to improve cognitive abilities; however, it is essential to get the correct dosage.

Alpha Brain only has one hundred milligrams, which is probably not an effective dosage for the positive effects of the drug.

Ultimately, AC-11 (11) is a patented form of Cat’s claw (uncaria tomentosa), which is way too under-researched in order for us to make any cognitive claims besides antioxidant support similar to that of blueberries or dark chocolate.

Prevagen Review

Prevagen Review
I dare to assume that all of us would like to have healthy brain function, a clearer mind, and sharper thinking.

Am I right?

Well, fortunately, there is a dietary supplement titled Prevagen that promises to deliver all the goods to its consumer, at least according to the advertisements that are featured in magazines and on CNN’s famous advertisement of nauseum (12).

Prevagen Review: Key Ingredient

Prevagen Review: Key Ingredient
Speaking of its ingredients, the supposed active ingredient is a protein titled “apoaequorin” that according to the marketer “was originally obtained from a variety of jellyfish.”

This little piece of information is meant to contribute to an image of safety, thereby providing to the particularly wrong assumption that natural substances are somehow inherently safer than synthetic ones.

Never mind that some jellyfish truly produce a poison that can be lethal to humans.

Assuredly, the origin of apoaequorin is quite irrelevant when it comes to safety or effectiveness, what matters though is what the evidence has to demonstrate.

So, why ought there be any association between a jellyfish protein and human brain function?

The most straightforward answer lies in a fact the glow that is produced by some jellyfish is primarily produced when apoaequorin binds to calcium, a finding that is of great interest to researchers forasmuch as the human brain also is known to contain calcium-binding proteins that play a crucial role in brain function.

In substance, our nerve cells necessitate calcium for proper functioning, yet it has to be just the right amount of calcium—not too little and not too much either.

Now, calcium-binding proteins tend to defend against excess calcium though unfortunately, with age the certain levels of these proteins tend to decrease and the resulting high levels of unbound calcium are capable of destroying nerve cells, which in its turn may result in impairing thought and memory.

Now, the jellyfish protein has an amino acid sequence that is substantially comparable to that of an individual’s body’s calcium-binding proteins, and indeed, when cells in the lab are treated with this protein, they are quite more resistant to caused damage.

This, in its turn, has spawned the idea that apoaequorin can protect nerve cells from some of the outcomes of aging.

Notwithstanding, in the event, if this particular protein is ingested in a pill form, for any hope of effectiveness it would have to survive digestion, be absorbed into an individual’s bloodstream, and then cross the blood-brain barrier.

Nevertheless, proteins are readily broken down during digestion into amino acids and peptides so the chance of an intact protein ending up in brain cells is quite primitive.

Ignore the scientific implausibility however as the important question is whether or not Prevagen works.

Quincy Bioscience is the company that produces Prevagen, hypes an in-house placebo-controlled trial that confirms memory improvement after three months.

As a matter of fact, while there were some promising results in a few particular tests, overall the placebo lot performed as well as the experimental lot.

Apart from the manufacturer’s own questionable trial, there are no peer-reviewed magazines attesting to the safety and efficacy of Prevagen.

Although, Quincy Bioscience claims that their product has been clinically confirmed to enhance memory and provide cognitive benefits although the small print in such announcement does state the following information: “These statements have not been assessed by the FDA (13), which is an abbreviation standing for Food and Drug Administration. This product is not designed to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.”

Additionally, there is another ironic and negative consequence—Quincy Bioscience’s  (14)”evidence of safety” fundamentally acknowledges that the product does not work.

The unpublished but pretty hyped study states the following: “The current investigation evaluates the allergenic potential of the purified protein by means of using bioinformatic analysis and simulated gastric digestion.”

The final results from the bioinformatics explorations with the apoaequorin sequence determine that the protein is not a recognized allergen and not likely to cross-react with known allergens.

Now, apoaequorin (apoaequorin is a protein that is isolated from the jellyfish Aequorea victoria.

It is the vital element in some supplements marketed for both memory and brain health) is easily digested by pepsin, which is a characteristic that is commonly exhibited by many non-allergenic dietary proteins.

From this data I have just shared with you, there is no added concern of safety due to the unusual stability of the protein by ingestion.

To put it another way, this adds up to an assertion that the protein is being broken down in the individual’s digestive tract and does not enter an individual’s brain.

In order to complicate the situation further, the Food and Drug Administration has imposed that Quincy Bioscience is marketing Prevagen as a nootropic, a section for which it does not qualify since apoaequorin is synthetically produced.

Based on the claims made for Prevagen, this product ought to be classified as a drug.

Nevertheless, it has never been approved as such.

That would require a degree of specific evidence that the company cannot merely cannot provide as for now.

Additionally, the Food and Drug Administration also alleges that the company has not disclosed over a thousand reported adverse reactions to Prevagen such as convulsions, strokes, and worsening symptoms of multiple sclerosis as well as chest pains, tremors, fainting and curiously, memory impairment and confusion, etcetera.

From here, there is no wonder that consumers are not enamored of Prevagen.

Some of them have even organized a class action lawsuit against the company claiming that “Prevagen is a singular purpose product—meaning that its only purported advantage is to improve brain function and memory which it fails to do.”

One assumes the company’s executives take their own product and their deficiency of understanding what evidence-based science means seems to be a definite indication of a lack of Prevagen’s promised mental clarity.

OptiMind Review

OptiMind Review
Essentially, OptiMind is a well-known nootropic that was initially designed in order to increase an individual’s focus and energy.

To tell you the truth, it was quite challenging to compare OptiMind against Alpha Brain and Prevagen.

However, it was totally worth the effort.

I have heard about OptiMind before; however, this time I made a decision to give it a full-focus and, therefore, I decided to make a decent review and compare it to other high-quality nootropics.

Alrighty, well, let us get to it!

Generally speaking, OptiMind was initially designed with twelve active ingredients in order to enhance an individual’s focus and energy and to improve one’s mental performance, at that.

OptiMind’s formula combines nootropics and important vitamins, which seems to make this nootropic stack reasonably practical.

This product is more than one’s average energy booster—OptiMind is a stack of quality nootropics.

From here, one ought to understand that it takes some time to get the most out of this supplement.

When compared to Alpha Brain and Prevagen, OptiMind is one of the most famous products on the healthcare market, let alone it is one of these that contain caffeine for an immediate boost of energy.

However, the question of whether or not OptiMind delivers on its promises needs to be answered.

Does OptiMind improve an individual’s focus and energy?

Does this nootropic enhance one’s mental performance?

Should one consider giving this dietary brain-boosting supplement a shot?

As I was doing the review of OptiMind, I inferred that one will receive the most out of it in case if he immediately stopped taking other nootropics and dietary brain-boosting supplements.

In general, it is better to give one’s body a week so that it can get to its normal level and clean itself up of other supplements.

As the week passes by, one ought to begin his OptiMind journey.

Since OptiMind contains caffeine, one should expect to feel a strong boost of energy the very first time he would try it out.

Ordinarily, when one takes nootropics, he does not really feel anything unless he has not overdosed or if he does not try a highly potent stack or a smart drug (same as nootropics).

It might take weeks or even up to months in order for an individual to begin noticing the effects of taking nootropics.

Some people never really notice anything, so they stop taking them.

Thus, here is what usually happens when one takes OptiMind.

Basically, it takes one four weeks to experience the full effect of OptiMind nootropic.

During the very first week, one should only take OptiMind in the morning on an empty stomach.

It is important to note that at the very beginning the effects are not as strong as one might expect; however, even in this case scenario one will still able to notice a smooth boost of energy.

Investigators genuinely believe that this happens because of the caffeine dosages that OptiMind contains in the core structure of its product.

On the second week, one ought not to expect to notice any significant changes; however, every time one takes two capsules of OptiMind nootropic, it seems as this individual’s focus slightly improves with time.

The vast majority of OptiMind’s consumers declared that they felt not anything special, hence do not raise your expectations very high.

In other words, do not expect a major change in your performance on the second week as it is still a loading stage of this nootropic.

Now, during the third and the fourth weeks one is bound to begin noticing some major changes in his performance.

During this very period, the overwhelming majority of OptiMind’s consumers notice a major difference.

Based on the results of many test and investigations that are, in their turn, based on the hundreds of reviews and studies, I genuinely believe that OptiMind could greatly improve an individual’s focus and energy levels; however, one shall not expect a major change of his mood.

Furthermore, many consumers who took OptiMind nootropic state that it had some influence on their memory.

Based on this information, I would totally recommend one to combine it with Ginkgo Biloba (commonly known as ginkgo or gingko.

It is also known as the maidenhair tree, is the only living species in the division Ginkgophyta (15), all others being extinct.

Ginkgo Biloba is primarily found in fossils dating back two hundred seventy million years ago.

Native to China, the Ginko Biloba tree is widely cultivated, and was cultivated early in human history) or other nootropics in case if one wants to develop his memory as well.

In my view, I truly believe that OptiMind might be a good enough starting point; however, there are other nootropic stacks that I would prefer to recommend to you over OptiMind.

The Bottom Line

It is merely impossible to list all the human brain functions and responsibilities of different parts of the brain; one would need to compose a whole book on this matter to describe these matters in great detail.
Alpha Brain vs. Prevagen vs. OptiMind Review Result
Notwithstanding, for your comprehensive understanding of this subject, I described the most significant human brain functions and the top three supplements that can help one better these functions.

However, what is also quite essential to understand is the importance of maintaining one’s brain condition so that the latter one can perform the beforementioned cognitive functions without any issues.

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