Alpha Brain Review

Alpha Brain was introduced almost a decade ago and soon became one of the most popular nootropic supplements globally.

The majority of users who have been using it admit that it is an effective drug for improving cognitive function and enhancing brain activity.

It boosts your memory, improves sleep and helps you stay focused on the important matters for longer.

In the following review, we’ll evaluate the true effects of this supplement on the human brain to come to a well-informed conclusion as for whether or not this drug is effective and safe.

But before we give you our unbiased judgment, let’s find out what’s inside this long-familiar drug with presumably miraculous properties.

Alpha Brain Ingredients Explained

Alpha Brain Ingredients Explained
So what does Alpha Brain consist of and what are the benefits of its ingredients?

When we are talking about the components of this nootropic supplement, it should be admitted that even in this respect, this drug has a competitive edge over other products in this segment.

Onnit has used a safe and balanced mixture of effective stimulants and natural substances that are aimed at improving the functioning of neurotransmitters in the respective areas of the brain.

Speaking of the natural ingredients of this drug, they include bacopa extract, vitamin B6 as well as oat straw and Cat Claw’s extracts among many others.

These components allow alleviating such negative symptoms as stress and a feeling of exhaustion.

Besides, they also enhance the cognitive function by boosting your ability to memorize things and improving your alertness.

In particular, bacopa extract is known as a very effective substance for boosting memory, and it can also reduce the feeling of anxiety.

Moreover, it acts as an antioxidant as well and has been used in the Indian ayurvedic medicine for ages.

This supplement also contains a few amino acids such as the following:

  • L-tyrosine is great for enhancing brain work when you feel severe stress, and it is also good for memory as it greatly improves the way you memorize things;
  • L-theanine is largely contained in green tea and acts as a relaxant that allows effectively overcoming stress and improving your ability to remain alert;
  • L-leucine is a vital amino acid that is used as a nutritious supplement, and its major effect lies in mitigating the worsening of muscle tissues.

In addition, such an essential component as vinpocetine improves the flow of blood in the brain which is also vital for people who suffer from poor cognitive capabilities.

A good thing about this supplement is that it contains no caffeine but still works as a stimulant for brain activity.

The drug itself meets all the existing norms of quality being completely safe for use by adults who do not suffer from any serious health problems.

What Are Alpha Brain Side Effects?

What Are Alpha Brain Side Effects?
As part of this supplement review, it is definitely worth mentioning what side effects can be expected from the given drug.

Even though it is suggested that Alpha Brain is completely safe for adult patients, it is still important to consult a medical professional before using this drug.

That’s because just like any other medical product, this drug may provoke some adverse reactions.

Some users admitted that they suffered from headache, nausea and uncommon fatigue after using this supplement and other users claimed that they had gastrointestinal troubles after taking this pill.

Perhaps this can be explained by the increased quantity of certain ingredients in this drug that may also provoke such uncommon and uncomfortable reactions as too realistic and colorful dreams.

Still, the major part of Alpha Brain components is entirely safe according to what the FDA has discovered.

Nevertheless, if to analyze each particular component separately, it would be possible to understand what unwanted reactions can be provoked by this pill.

  • Bright and colorful dreams may be caused by such ingredient as Huperzine A as its amount exceeds the recommended limit;
  • Vitamin B6 does not pose any risk to your health especially because Alpha Brain does not contain too much of it (only 10 mg);
  • The same refers to vinpocetine. There is a relatively small amount of this substance in the drug so it can be perceived as a safe component that will hardly cause any uncommon reactions;
  • Such ingredient as bacopa extract has long been studied by researchers and has been proven to be an effective nootropic substance that provokes hardly any adverse reactions so it’s not something you should be worried about. What’s more, it’s approved by ayurvedic medicine which means that it can be trusted 100%;
  • The amino acids contained in Alpha Brain have also been thoroughly researched so they pose no risk to your health.

Despite the safety of this drug, we should not exclude the risk of an individual reaction of the brain to this supplement.

That’s why we should perceive it as a relatively safe nootropic pill that does not provoke any serious side effects in the majority of users.

Is Alpha Brain On It Really Effective?

Is Alpha Brain On It Really Effective?
A lot of discussions are still being held regarding the true effects of different supplements including Alpha Brain.

We should admit that this much-hyped drug definitely has many positive effects on the human brain.

It is a superb drug to let you memorize places and people’s names better, and it is also great for improving the ability to concentrate on important tasks that require much responsibility.

Alpha Brain may also be useful for improving the speed of your brain activity as, basically, it works as a stimulant.

After taking this drug, you feel more focused, and your work on any project, both alone and as part of a team, turns out to be more efficient than without it.

It can also be a great supplement for enhancing your fitness performance as you’ll be able to stay energetic and active for longer.

Although the clinical trials demonstrated that this drug can considerably improve brain activity and concentration, many people who have not yet tried it are wondering whether it really works or not.

That’s a popular concern among users especially because the brain chemistry of each individual may vary considerably, and it’s hard to find out whether this supplement will work well in your particular case.

If to trust scientific research, Alpha Brain works 12% better than placebo.

The mental processes in the brain speed up by around 21% which is a great result as well.

Just imagine how awesome it would be to boost your cognitive abilities and make your brain work perceptibly quicker than usual.

Above all, it was found out that Alpha Brain ensures better relaxation and does not produce harmful effects as opposed to caffeine.

Instead, it works much better and improves your ability to concentrate without feeling agitation or irritability in contrast to other stimulants.

With that said, Alpha Brain is a great mental booster that does not produce as many side effects and harmful reactions as its competitors even though the effectiveness of this pill may vary from person to person.

Alpha Brain Instant Benefits

Alpha Brain Instant Benefits
Too many people nowadays tend to use nootropic drugs with much caution as they do not expect to see immediate results or long-term effects on their brain function.

Nevertheless, this is not the case with Alpha Brain as it has demonstrated many instantaneous and highly positive outcomes for your brain in each and every clinical test.

Unlike other products of this category, Alpha Brain is a safe stimulant of the brain activity, and it really makes users feel very alert and incredibly focused so it can be recommended for everyone who wants to see an immediate effect without any negative consequences.

According to recent studies, Alpha Brain allows achieving the following results:

  • The verbal reaction is improved by over 12% as opposed to placebo:
  • Tasks are completed faster than usual by over 21%;
  • It is completely safe to use this drug;
  • It is tolerated well by the vast majority of users.

However, you should still keep in mind that the brain processes of all people differ and the results can also be different.

But what we know for sure is that Alpha Brain definitely improves your ability to formulate your thoughts and makes the speech flow smoother.

It was even discovered that this pill is more effective when used by people with minor health troubles.

It can be assumed that those who live a completely healthy life will not have too big problems with their cognitive skills.

If you have healthy dietary habits, stay in good shape and sleep properly, you would hardly have impaired brain activity which makes the effects of nootropic in this case not very intense.


This brain booster is a splendid choice for all those who wish to sharpen their cognitive abilities, improve concentration and make their brain work better in stressful situations.

We cannot say that the benefits of this pill are overestimated because it really works and shows great results shortly after you try it.

Overall, it’s a pretty impressive supplement with hardly any flaws.

Its ingredients are all safe and natural, and it allows your mind to work a lot faster than it would usually do.

This will let you complete multiple tasks with greater success and within a shorter period of time.

This product can be recommended for busy people who need to concentrate better and generate new ideas with ease in order to boost productivity and achieve success in their activities.

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