Sleep Less If You Want to Have a Worthless Brain
When You Are Under Stress, Your Brain Is Motionless
There Is a Barely Noticeable Difference Between Love and Hate, Scientifically Speaking
Keep Your Brain Hydrated at All Times!
Pregnancy Affects the Structure of the Brain
Put Your That Piece of Cake Aside, You Bunch of Sweets Lovers You
Passionate Attachment and Maternal Feelings Are Highly Similar
Paint Your Happy Future
It Is the Time to Do Some Deep Reading

By hundred means, we all are continually seeking for the path to reach the perfection.

We want to attain supremacy in every realm possible.

Well, why would we not start from leveling up our brain to its maximum level then?

What is more, let’s try to execute this plan of ours within one single week.

Assuredly, our brain can be reasonably identified as the most ambiguous organ in our body.

Every day, scientists from all over the world keep receiving more data regarding how our brain works; however, it still hides a lot of untold secrets in it.

For this particular reason, I am going to introduce the most brilliant and recent discoveries of the last few years in the realm of brain examination.

While there is a number of utterly useless methods of how to increase one’s intellect and improve one’s brain power, there are also some quite useful ways out there.

Today I am going to get you acquainted with nine ways of how you can boost your brain power in a relatively short period of time.

I can assure you that some of the ways will leave you completely astonished, to say the least!

Also, I want you to know that it is not an ordinary top ranked from best to worse or otherwise.

Each of the nine points in this article is equally important and useful in order to increase one’s brain power dramatically.

Sleep Less If You Want to Have a Worthless Brain

Sleep Less Worthless Brain

I am going to begin this article with something simple but so lethal.

The lack of sleep can have its impact on both one’s personality and the ability to learn.

Having a habit of healthy seven to eight hours sleep is entirely necessary for our system to recover after a hard and productive day.

Even when an individual is deprived of sleep for one night, he is more likely to experience the decrease in his ability to memorize new information.

Hence, it is incredibly vital to have one’s sleep out in order to power up one’s brain.

Investigators from the University of California at Berkeley have found some persuasive evidence, where it is stated that when one experiences a lack of sleep, then he is more likely to worsen his memory and even cause Alzheimer’s disease in the latter end.

Based on this data, the scientists from Berkley assumed that during a full night’s sleep, our brain cells tend to remove harmful compounds, which are quite damaging to our brain.

Another area of the brain that suffers dramatically from sleep deprivation is the hippocampus.

Hippocampus is a region critical for the storing of new memories.

Another negative cause which is related to the lack of sleep is the impairment of skill in memorizing information.

When one is deprived of sleep, his hippocampus area suffers the most.

That is, if an individual continually does not get enough sleep, then it is going to result in producing a devastating impact on his brain cells.

When You Are Under Stress, Your Brain Is Motionless

Your Brain Is Motionless

It is quite impressive, but it has been proven that sometimes stress can have a positive impact by sharpening the mind and improving the ability to remember details.

However, in most cases, stress tends to produce a broad variety of adverse effects on one’s brain.

Such negative effects vary from contributing to mental illness to shrinking the volume of one’s brain.

So, I would like to stress the point that when one is constantly stressed out, there is no way he can live a healthy and happy life.

When one is always under stress, he is more likely to lose control over simple matters, experience a decrease in memory and brain power, and so forth.

These are consequences that are caused by prolonged stress.

Additionally, chronic stress causes anger, nervousness, anxiety, confusion in one’s mind, et cetera.

There Is a Barely Noticeable Difference Between Love and Hate, Scientifically Speaking…

Do not get confused by the title you have just read.

Of course, love and hate are entirely different concepts by definition as love plays a role of extreme passion and hatred is always seem as an extreme of anger; however, scientifically speaking, both love and hate share more in common that you can possibly imagine.

That is to say, British scientists discovered that love and hate originate in similar brain areas.

Nevertheless, the difference of significance between love and hate is manifested in the fact that love, unlike hatred, reduces the activity of the areas, which are responsible for judgment and logical thinking.

Well, that explains a lot, doesn’t it?

Keep Your Brain Hydrated at All Times!

Keep Your Brain Hydrated

Unfortunately, the available research on how hydration affects human cognitive function yet remains insufficient.

However, what is known to date is that the brain function is most likely influenced by dehydration as well as short-term memory and attention.

The average human body is sixty percent water, and an average brain consists of eighty percent of water; you have probably already heard this back in your high-school days.

For this simple reason, it is fundamentally important to keep drinking a lot of water daily.

Most of us do not take into account the matter of hydration seriously, and every time one feels weak or dizzy he is more likely to swing by a local pharmacy store to buy some medicine rather than buying bottled water instead.

It is a fact that a moderate waste of fluid, which equals two percent, decreases one’s concentration and vigilance, which ultimately leads to the deterioration of short-term memory and other cognitive abilities.

Pregnancy Affects the Structure of the Brain

Pregnancy Affects the Structure of the Brain

It has been scientifically proven that pregnancy lessens the quantity of grey matter in the brain areas, which is responsible for social cognition and the ability to understand other people.

This happens forasmuch as the connection between the mother and her yet unborn child strengthens, which helps a woman understand the needs of her little one, and notice any of possible external dangers.

Also, the scientists have found that the recently expecting mothers tend to experience the reduction of the gray matter, which lasts for at least two years after birth.

However, such a loss of gray matter is not necessarily an adverse circumstance.

This loss occurs in brain regions, which are associated with social cognition, and especially in the network dedicated to the theory of mind.

This helps us understand what is going on in someone else’s mind — regions that had the most robust response when mothers looked at photos of their infants.

Now that you know this information try to be a bit more condescending to your expecting fair one when she loses it as she does not genuinely mean it.

Put Your That Piece of Cake Aside, You Bunch of Sweets Lovers You

You Bunch of Sweets Lovers You.

This paragraph is going to be extremely useful for those who have a sweet tooth.

Admittedly, it is quite apparent that it is easy to get addicted to sugar.

However, we must be conscious of the risks that a high-sugar diet corrupts both the brain function and mental well-being.
Sugar in small quantities does not cause any trouble.

The main issue is that most of us are just consuming too much of it.

You may not know about this, but the abundance of fructose in the diet can slow down the brain by reducing its ability to learn, absorb information, and concentrate.

Such an adverse effect occurs since the abundance of sugar impairs neuronal connections in the brain.

Also, it has been proven that industrially produced sugar is much more harmful when compared to organic sugar: cane sugar, for instance.

Industrially produced sugar is often added to sodas, various seasonings, sauces, and food for infants.

Nevertheless, products which contain Omega-3 fatty acids eliminate the negative consequences of the disorder.

Omega-3 fatty acids are contained in fish, nuts, fish oil, and so forth.

Well, I suppose that it is the right time for you to head to your local Trader Joe’s and purchase a bag of tuna with a bottle of cola.

Passionate Attachment and Maternal Feelings Are Highly Similar

Believe it or not, according to brain activity, both romantic relationships and maternal feelings share a lot of similarities between themselves; however, there is a number of differences as well.

For instance, romantic feelings activate the brain areas, which are related to sexual arousal.

Besides, the feeling of anxiety and fright decreases and the feeling of happiness and euphoria increases.

Maternal love stimulates the areas, which are responsible for the formation of affection.

However, do not misinterpret this information with one of the most famous of Freud’s concepts out there.

It is not about “The Oedipus complex,” which is a concept created by Sigmund Freud which he introduced in his Interpretation of Dreams in the year 1899.

The gist of this concept suggests that children have unconscious sexual desires for the opposite-sex parents of theirs and hatred for the same-sex parents – that is not our case.

However, passionate love does activate the brain areas related to sexual arousal.

Besides, the feeling of anxiety and fear decreases, and the feeling of euphoria increases.

That is, maternal love activates the areas responsible for the formation of affection.

Paint Your Happy Future

Paint Your Happy Future.

Regrettably, many of us underestimate the importance of art in our lives.

When it comes to “training” one’s brain, an individual will most likely choose to work his brain out and improve cognitive skills by playing different games, which are designed to boost your memory very efficiently (and this is not a bad thing!).

However, a scientific examination revealed that painting and admiration of works of art tend to enhance the communication between the brain areas by slowing down the process of aging of the brain.

There was an examination on the topic of how the importance of contemplation of art results in the brain power, where people aged from sixty-two to seventy years old participated.

Half of the participants took a course in art history, and the other half took the painting class.

It is worthy to note that the lot who chose painting class gave a more significant result than the group of people who participated in an art history class.

Well, the Blink store’s doors are always opened for you.

It Is the Time to Do Some Deep Reading

Time to Do Some Deep Reading

The reading itself is a quite beneficial skill, leastways for the maximum of us.

Moreover, the action of reading is the most productive workout for your brain possible.

The scientists for the University of Oxford declared that the process of reading shapes the cognitive abilities of the brain.

Also, reading itself tends to activate areas that are not in use at other times.

As one is reading, blood enters the brain areas, which are responsible for both concentration and cognition.

However, such an effect does not typically occur when one is watching TV or is engaged in PC gaming (unless you are an auditory learner and you prefer to acquire the new knowledge from Netflix documentaries).

Well, what is the matter then?

Give your brain a great, sweaty, and intensive workout!

Give a call to your public library and read a few novels written by Bukowski, to start with!

All in all, now you have a comprehensive knowledge of how you can improve your brain power in just a single week.

Is it really that complicated to set one’s routine on?

Personally, I do not think so.

All that it takes to boost one’s brain power is some patience and dedication.

Organize your sleep, acquire a habit of reading regularly, contemplate arts, and do not overeat sweets.

At first, you might feel a little bit uncomfortable, but the truth is that only when one steps out of his comfort zone, he begins noticing that the real magic starts to happen.

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