The brain is an essential part of the human organism, which serves as a control center.

This organ enables people to walk and run, investigate and learn new things, feel different emotions and come up with various ideas.

Besides, the brain is a significant part of the central nervous system that can be seriously impaired by alcohol.

It is important to mention that alcohol promotes a dangerous influence on the brain in general, but it can also trigger unwanted effects on its specific areas.

Talking about memory, every person should know that the hippocampus is an important part of the brain that controls memory, and it can be severely damaged by alcohol.

This organ is in charge of both long- and short-term memory and spatial navigation.

As a result, people, who are impaired by alcohol, cannot operate well and don’t usually remember what happened to them last night.

While the brain consists of over 100 billion neurons, each one of them can be damaged by alcohol, changing the normal route of brain development and functioning.

This is ultimately dangerous for teenagers, whose hippocampus is still maturing.

While drinking, people usually cannot control their emotions and remember anything due to the distracted connection among neurons.

The negative influence of alcohol on memory can have immediate results or long-term disorders related to hippocampus problems.

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