If to divide the brain into a pair of symmetrical parts, you will see equally sized hemispheres even though they are in many ways not the same because they are accountable for different functions.

Many people are wondering what brain region is responsible for learning, memory, and personality.

In fact, the right part of the brain is accountable for many thinking abilities such as attention, memory, problem-solving and reasoning.

One of the curious aspects of brain functioning is that certain people are right-handed, while others use their left hand more often.

This means that in some people the right hemisphere is predominant, while others tend to rely more on their left one.

All this is predetermined by the so-called lateralization, which indicates that certain brain functions occur in only one of the hemispheres.

The left part of the human body is coordinated by the right part of our brain which performs numerous other tasks as well.

Thus, it is accountable for our creative thinking and the ability to engage in creative activities like arts.

It can be suggested that the brain is distinguished by “cross-wiring”.

For example, if you close your left eye, this kind of movement is supposed to be regulated by the right hemisphere.

Besides, the right hemisphere is commonly responsible for pictures and images instead of words, which means it is not focused on details but rather on providing a bigger picture.

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