It has long been known that there are approximately a hundred billion neurons inside the brain.

However, some of the latest studies point out that the brain comprises fewer neurons than was estimated previously.

The brain has a complicated structure of neurons that act as a build-up of the nervous system and transfer essential information to other body parts.

As a result, one might expect that there are many times more neurons required for performing such complicated tasks, but what about the real statistics?

What is the exact number of neurons in the brain cell universe?

In fact, in contrast to other living beings, humans have a lot greater quantity of neurons in the brain.

As a consequence, all our brain cells require a great amount of power to serve the role of brain fuel that would maintain our brain in proper condition.

Studies suggest that around 25% of all energy reserves are accountable for providing fuel to all the neurons.

When we are talking about the precise quantity of neurons, it appears that the estimates given by neuroscientists are pretty unclear so that no one knows for sure whether our brain is indeed comprised of a hundred billion neurons, but this quantity is relatively close to the real state of affairs even though it might not be precise.

Some of the latest studies indicate that our brain contains only 86 billion neurons.

Evidently, it is still to be discovered how humans happened to lose as much as 14 billion neurons over these years.

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