Many people spend much time in front of computer screens playing video games for hours on end.

Researchers have been trying to find out how video games influence the brain.

Some people connect the impact of video games with acts of violence in a real-time setting.

Be that as it may, a lot of scientists claim that video games provoke many changes in the areas of the brain, and even the best free brain training apps do not necessarily produce a positive impact.

Video games often provoke addiction, and the addicted brain is characterized by distortions in the reward system as well as other changes.

Some studies claim that video games are capable of improving the visual attention which means that processing of certain data will be carried out more efficiently.
Computer Screen Affects for Brain

It is also assumed that video games can reverse the negative impact of the aging process.

Playing video games is not supposed to be oriented only on children and young people because the cognitive function can also be significantly improved in elderly people through useful games.

Brain-training applications are also very popular but not all studies approve of the fact that they can boost the performance of the human brain.

Another effect of games is protection against memory loss and various cognitive dysfunctions.

However, some video games contain lots of violence and may also provoke serious negative outcomes by increasing the likelihood that a person will commit an act of violence in reality.

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