The topic of brain aging often turns out to be a source of avid discussions because it allows understanding the key points of brain functioning.

Mental and cognitive skills tend to decline at variable rates as people get older.

This tendency may differ from person to person.

Some researchers even claim that brain function can be improved in people who do not suffer from dementia in order to slow down the degenerative processes.

However, why does it happen in the first place?

The major reason why our brain functioning worsens in middle adulthood is insufficient mental effort.

No brain activity leads to disastrous consequences so that people have decreased cognitive and mental skills as well as the lack of interest in education and mental development.

Researchers point out that regular brain activity and growing educational level allows improving the neural synapses, as a result of which the brain is protected from cognitive impairment.

The other reason why our brain function worsens as we get older is the lack of physical activity and poor dietary habits that result in malnutrition and increase the rates of cognitive decline.

These factors are known as secondary aging.

The mind of people in middle adulthood works a lot slower and is susceptible to making mistakes when processing some information.

Our memory skills suffer the most being followed by our mental and cognitive abilities.

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