No one will argue that our brain is a very complicated organ that keeps track of numerous processes occurring in our body.

One of its roles is to regulate the emotional side of our personality.

Although it is still not known for sure which role is played by our brain in the control of all our emotions, the origins of such widespread emotions as fear, happiness, love, and anger are pretty clear.

Basically, emotions are controlled by the limbic system that is majorly accountable for our behavioral patterns and emotional response.

We experience emotions for different reasons.

Thus, it is known for sure that classical music and the brain function are closely interrelated because most people experience positive emotions when listening to the famous works of the classical genre.

Emotional response and mood are controlled by the same areas of the brain.

Thus, prefrontal cortex located in the right part of the human brain is responsible for processing certain idea and linking it to the emotional side of the question.

Our emotional response is commonly generated by the amygdala being accountable for the feelings of anxiety and fear.

Hypersexuality and inappropriate emotional response are the direct results of the improper functioning of the amygdala.

As for the feeling of love, this emotion is identified by the right hemisphere, while the left one helps to make a particular decision as to how to behave in certain situations related to love.

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