A brain aneurysm is a disorder, related to ballooning or bulge in the blood vessels within the brain.

The disorder frequently resembles a berry, hanging on a branch.

An aneurysm can rupture and leak, resulting in brain bleeding, also known as a hemorrhagic stroke.

However, subarachnoid hemorrhage appears more often, when aneurysm appears between the brain and tissues covering it.

A ruptured aneurysm is ultimately dangerous for health, leading to life-threatening reactions.
However, the vast majority of brain aneurysm do not rupture, but still, trigger a range of unwanted symptoms or health abnormalities.

Considering the treatment of the disorder, a patient should start with brain aneurysm prevention.

The treatment will start with medical tests and consultations with a qualified medical specialist.

Contact your doctor the moment you have noticed any signs of the condition:

  • Ruptured, including stiff neck, nausea and vomiting, sudden headache, serious vision impairments, loss of consciousness, confusion, seizures, and others;
  • The unruptured aneurysm will produce either no symptoms or several mild ones, while a larger disorder may lead to more dangerous health impairments, such as numbness of a single part of the face, dilated pupils, pain behind and above the eye, double vision or similar eyesight complications;
  • Leaking disorder is associated mainly with sharp, sudden and ultimately severe headache.

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