The brain serves as a control center of the whole body that coordinates the work of the main body organs and functions.

The most important feature is a high number of neurons included in the brain, each of them making over a thousand of vital connections.

Alcohol, instead, can kill or damage neurons, changing the functioning and development of the brain.

Moreover, alcohol can penetrate the brain, destroying the nerves of the brain and putting a negative impact on its important parts:

  • Blood vessels.

    Migraine headache is the most common problem for those who drink alcohol, as it makes blood vessels widen and relax, and they shrink and enhance blood pressure;

  • Neurons.

    Nerve cells can be damaged as a result of alcohol use.

    If used in high doses, it can even kill some neurons;

  • Medulla.

    It is an important part of the brain responsible for breathing, heartbeats, and similar functions.

    Heavy drinking can stop or slow down these processes that may lead to fatal outcomes;

  • Reticular activating system.

    Walking and sleeping can be seriously influenced by alcohol use, as the system may get depressed, leading to passing out;

  • Cerebellum.

    This part of the brain controls balance, complex motor functions and movements.

    Decreasing motor functions, alcohol can slow down the reaction time.

Besides, alcohol can impair other brain parts and functions, especially hippocampus, ventral striatum, and prefrontal cortex leading to a range of serious brain disorders and unwanted reactions.

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