Nice to Meet You, My Name Is Tonusjournal

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Hey there, newcomer!

Before we establish any sort of a relationship, I would like for us to get acquainted.

My name is Tonusjournal, and I specialize in helping you to maintain your brain’s health by providing you with the most useful and trustworthy information you can rely on!

 When it comes to one’s brain’s health, there is no room for amateur bloggers who produce a non-authorized product in this regard.

We, the founders of Tonusjournal, are a lot of young enthusiasts, scientists, and industrialists whose primary goal is to take loving care of your brain’s health as it is the health of your brain that affects the quality of your life.

Tonusjournal Is Not Your Typical Journal

We value every one of our subscribers.

For this particular reason, we invest both our time and knowledge to provide you with weekly articles which will yank pathways in your brain you did not even know you had.

Thus, you can widen your outlook, stay self-educated, and live a happy and healthy life by keeping your brain in “great shape” based on the valuable information Tonusjournal provides you with.

In Tonusjournal, we genuinely believe in professionalism and dedication.

Our author’s group consists of knowledgeable professionals who dedicated to ensure that you receive the best quality material.

What is more, we also have a separate proofreading department, which consists of specialists who concentrate on neuroscience.

Hence, you receive quality information, which is written, structured, and proof-read by professionals.

Our Vision and Mission

How is it that some people seem to accomplish so much while the vast majority of us tend never to accomplish what they are capable of?

Well, the truth is that one’s success entirely depends on one’s well-being.

Yes, it is as simple as that.

The primary purpose we follow is to make a significant difference for each and one of you by helping you improve your well-being and overall health by simply taking good care of your brain.

Unfortunately, most of the “health-journals” out there do not know what they are addressing to their audience as they merely write articles for the sake of writing them.

They do not know who their target audience is and how to reach it.

On the other hand, as the founders of Tonusjournal, we genuinely believe that people embrace only those companies, which have clear principles and a set of beliefs that they pursue.

We are always in quest for quality and excellence, and we genuinely believe that this way is the only right way.

Our Execution

We take pride in how we execute each of our projects.

The initial process of creating a product of excellence begins with the Tonusjouirnal’s “discussion board.”

Our so-called discussion board is the method we developed, which involves numerous discussions, polemics, and even debates in order to determine the topic of the article you are going to read next.

Once we decide on a topic we will write an article, there goes the second phase where our specialists execute primary research.

At most times, the second phase is the most time-consuming action as we want to provide you with the most credible and reliable information possible.

For instance, before we posted an article on whether CBD can be used as a nootropic, we contacted a number of people who were prescribed with the drugs containing CBD to improve their cognitive function.

Also, we spoke with a few neurologists in order to acquire some knowledge from the specialists who are eligible to prescribe such a drug.

Therefore, we post an article only when we have the clear picture based on the information we received from the different perspectives.

Our strategy is not to impose our opinion on you.

Alternatively, our goal is only to provide you with balanced and unbiased information.

The same rule applies to every article we post, no matter whether it is an article on a healthy diet for one’s brain or a top 10 best supplements to improve one’s brain’s health.

Tonusjournal is a non-profit organization.TonusJournal is a trustworthy informational journal that provides users with key information about brain health and other health concerns. Learn about our goals and mission.


Our consultants:
Cassidy Gundersen

Pengcheng (Allan) Xue

Hence, we are not receiving any job offers from any of the supplement’s manufacturers to promote their product.

Conversely, we always find contacts of those who used to medicate with the supplement we are describing in depth in our article in order to get a comprehensive idea on how the supplement works, including all of its pros and cons.

The final phase of our project’s development is the proofreading of an article.

As I have previously stated earlier, we have a proofreading department, which consists of specialists who strictly concentrate on neuroscience.

Remember, we are worrying about it, so you do not have to.

We make sure that you receive the high-grade information you can rely on.

Well, now that we know each other, you may come in.

Pick and read an article from the shelve.

Feel like home.


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Sincerely yours, Tonusjournal.